Schedule healthy holiday plans for 2014!

2014January11_TravelVacations_AYou know the drill. Work hard all year before finally grabbing a couple of weeks, if that, to go and flop on a beach somewhere and do a lot of nothing, before getting back to the grindstone with hopefully recharged batteries. It’s the classic mid-year holiday snapshot. However, with more people grabbing quick getaways, enjoying days out, long weekends, and mini-breaks, it makes sense to schedule some healthy holiday plans for 2014.

Don’t wait until you’re about to burn out before you bail out and take a much-needed break. While a lounger, good book, and a beach can certainly work wonders for relaxation levels, regular active breaks can energize you throughout the year too. The important point is to plan ahead so that you get the most out of your time off.

Spontaneity isn’t always healthy

You may become so exhausted that on the spur of the moment you book into a full-on detox retreat to cleanse your whole body and mind. However, often spontaneous choices are not the healthiest. Think about when you are really hungry. Do you crave high-fat foods or a more nutritious salad? It is easy to indulge rather than enjoy a balanced break if you wait until you are desperate to let your hair down and have some time off.

Get your diary out and find time

Have you ever voiced an intention to do something only to find that before you know it the time has disappeared or the opportunity been lost? If so, you’re not alone but recognize this fact before it once again becomes the reason, or rather the excuse, for not doing what you wanted or intended in the weeks and months ahead. Firstly, identify when you have time. Make a note of special occasions and annual holidays. You should then have a clearer idea of when you can make plans for.

Research plans

With your free time marked in your diary, it’s now time to let your imagination run a little wild. Look at events coming up in the year ahead that appeal and which tally with your schedule too. Keep in mind that you want a healthy element to these plans, whether it’s an activity, class, or program. Consider a holiday where you learn a new sporting skill, or a long weekend where you are involved with a new activity that you are training for too. Mix and match activities so that they fit with your time, budget and interests.

Open your mind to new horizons

If you can’t think beyond the classic beach break, then it’s time to take yourself on an expedition to see how far activities have developed to be a leisure-friendly part of life. While you may not see gym time, fitness classes or training, as relating to healthy holiday plans, look at ways in which you can expand on your everyday exercise regime and strengthen your skills and interests.

You can still find time to relax if you don’t push your healthy holiday plans to the point where they don’t become fun anymore. Remember, while you might want to inject a healthier approach you don’t want to take the holiday-feeling away either. Balance action-packed weekend pursuits with enough time to do nothing at all.

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