HIIT is top fitness trend for 2014!

2014January19_CrossFit_BFor a while everybody was talking about it, now everybody wants to do it and it’s a type of exercise that our Kaia girls love. CrossFit style training is the number one fitness trend for 2014. High intensity interval training is set to become the most popular fitness program for the year ahead. For CrossFit fans who already train with us at Kaia this comes as no surprise, but are you wondering what’s so hot about intensity training?

CrossFit has taken the world by storm, with its focus on overall fitness and full-on training at high intensity levels. With Workouts of the Day and The CrossFit Games gaining real momentum in recent years, it seems that more people than ever are looking into the potential health and fitness benefits of high intensity exercise.

What is high intensity interval training?

In essence, HIIT, as it is often referred to involves working out at a challengingly intense level but only for a short amount of time. Following these bursts of energetic exercise comes a slower, more relaxed interval.

Is CrossFit intense training?

Yes, CrossFit is based on the idea of a program of core functional movements that relate to our every day way of life. This mobility is built into the body’s natural function and designed to carry the biggest loads over the longest distances. The crux of CrossFit training is optimizing fitness by performing varied functional movements and maximising these by increasing the workload achieved by cranking up the intensity and the timeframe.

Does intense mean difficult?

In CrossFit it is the load and the intensity that is scaled up, not the movements or programs. This really means that the actual exercises are accessible to a wide group, as they are based on functional mobility. However, there is no doubt that CrossFit can be a demanding exercise program that pushes you hard. If you work with a fitness expert then the risk of injury is lower with any type of high intensity exercise, and your progress more measured.

Number 1 trend

The American College of Sports Medicine recently released its survey of the top 20 global fitness trends for 2014. The results were gathered from over 3,800 fitness professionals around the world who were asked about what they predicted would be big trends for the year to come. High intensity interval training hit the number one spot.

Did CrossFit cover any other top trends?

As well as HIIT, CrossFit incorporates the number two trend, bodyweight training, as well as strength training, which reached number four in the top 20 fitness trend survey. Number five included exercise and weight loss. with functional fitness coming in at number eight, and group fitness making the top 10 at number nine.

Is CrossFit a trend that will pass?

CrossFit is not just a passing fancy but has grown over the last few years through word of mouth and people seeing the results. It is the sense of camaraderie and healthy competition that appeals to CrossFit fans too. Old notions such as the benefit of working out for long periods of time, have also lost ground in recent years as many old fitness myths have been debunked, with more research and understanding about how the body works coming to light.

Add some healthy intensity to your life. Get involved in the fitness trend of 2014 and get fit.

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