5 Motivating exercise apps!

2014January30_Motivation_BWhile you can’t beat being part of the Kaia fitness community, technology can also lend a helping hand now too. The integration of tech into the world of health and fitness has seen the development of some impressive apps that really keep you motivated as you work toward your exercise goals.With many fitness apps available for free or for a small fee, combining these with a Kaia workout can power you toward success.

There are many great fitness apps available to download to your smartphone, with some of them giving you new exercise moves and others helping monitor your progress. If you need an extra push at times to sustain your exercise willpower then you may well benefit from those apps that are geared towards motivating you. Although these fitness apps will not sweat it out for you, they can at least help you support you as you aim for your fitness goals.

Some motivation style apps are focused on enhancing your self-esteem and confidence, while others let you compare your fitness routines with friends, making use of peer pressure as a motivating factor. Whatever the style, the primary objective is to get you motivated and closer to your goals. Here are five apps that you can download to your smartphone that might just inspire some extra motivation for you to get active.


If you love social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, then fitID fitness app is a good fit for you. It’s like having your own Facebook profile, only everything that you post is related to your diet and workout. The app allows you to track your workouts and meals, and even take photos that you can share with the rest of the fitID community. Those who ‘follow’ you also get to make comments and suggestions regarding your routine.

Banking on peer pressure as the primary source of motivation, fitID makes your fitness goals public so that other people can see what you’re doing. It is more likely you will finish what you’ve started because people are ‘watching’ you. fitID is available for both Android and iPhone.


If you want to focus on the diet side of fitness, then this free calorie counter can get you started. A lot of people who want to get fit find it hard to keep track of calories. It’s also physically impossible to memorize how many calories a certain food contains. Different brands also contain varying amounts of calories.

MyFitnessPal solves the calorie counting problem by offering an updated database of foods together with their calorie content. You can simply type in your goal, and then input the foods that you have eaten, which will automatically be subtracted from your goal. You can also factor in exercise for a more accurate reading. You receive badges every time you accomplish a fitness goal, hence motivating you with rewards.

Nike+ GPS

If you love running you will get a kick out of the Nike+GPS app. It boasts of a lot of useful features, such as mapping your running routes with excellent GPS reception. It also plays music that will motivate you as you reach your target running goal. You can choose to time your run or simply set a distance for it.

While running, you can choose to play any of your downloaded tracks or your personalized PowerSong, which will further boost your motivation. You can also post your runs on Twitter and Facebook and receive encouraging messages from your friends. Priced at only $1.99 for iPhone users, this fitness app costs less than other running apps with similar features.


Previously known as GymPact, the Pact fitness app literally pays you money for working out and eating healthy. You start off by making a pact to exercise a certain number of days per week, and then give out your credit card information. Whenever you miss a workout day, an automatic $5 or $10 will be deducted from your credit card. But if you hit your weekly goal, you will receive 30 cents to $5 instead. Pact is certainly an excellent motivator for those who don’t like to lose money.

Lose It!

If personalized workouts are more your style, you will benefit from Lose It! This app can customize a weight loss plan for you, complete with exercise and diet details. You simply have to input your goal and your current weight, and then as you progress, you also log in the foods that you eat and the exercises that you do. This tool will make sure that you stay on track with your fitness goals. You can also interact with its community of users and even join public competitions and challenges.

Motivation and positive mental attitude are the keys to achieving your fitness goals. With the help of a helpful fitness app you have a companion that will continually encourage you. If you would like to learn more, contact us today to see how we can help you fit these fitness apps into your next workout.

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