TRX style training is 2014 top trend

2014January30_TRX_BTRX is where it’s at, in terms of fitness for women in 2014 at least. Suspension training incorporates many of the top 10 popular trends revealed by the American College of Sports Medicine for the year ahead. With TRX offering a full body workout that really challenges fitness levels to your very core, there is more interest than ever here at Kaia in what you can achieve with this performance and power driven exercise system. Go Kaia girls!

Suspension training works on the basis that you are use your body weight to add resistance to exercises, thus making the muscles work against gravity. The scope for different exercises is huge, while you are able to adjust your body position to create greater or less resistance and change the difficulty level of your workout. Flexible, versatile and accessible, our suspension training ticks the boxes of the fitness trends of the top 5 fitness trends of the year too:

  1. HIIT – High intensity interval training is going from strength to strength in terms of popularity. Intense short periods of exercise are interspersed with short lapses to recover before working the body to near maximum levels of effort. Because of the scalability of TRX there’s opportunity to increase intensity before scaling it right back. You can mix HIIT into your standalone training and vary what exercises you use to create a powerful workout.

  2. Body weight training – Second on the fitness trend list is no real surprise and it is the cornerstone of how TRX works. By leveraging gravity and changing the force of  your body weight you create resistance that you control. This scalability means that you can really create a steady increase in the challenge of each exercise as you progress, letting your body monitor and dictate these changes.

  3. Experienced fitness professionals – Years ago keeping fit meant joining in a group aerobics class with an enthusiastic, but not necessarily certified instructor or going it alone in the gym. How far fitness has come! Working with qualified fitness experts is no longer the reserve of Hollywood celebrities but regarded as a smart way to ensure you’re on the right fitness track. Whether personal training or group training, everyone wants to benefit from professional fitness training and experience. Suspension training delivered in a professional fitness environment can work wonders on your fitness levels and promise the quickest, most effective route to your fitness success

  4. Strength training – Gone are the days when strength training simply equalled men who wanted to bulk up to look like Arnie. More women are beginning to incorporate strength training into their workouts. Indeed, as well as cardio activity, the official recommendations are that you mix in some strength training too. Not only does it support the cardio burn but can benefit fitness without the bulk, creating a leaner more toned physique in the process. If you work against resistance then this is strength training and that is exactly what suspension training is.

  5. Weight loss and exercise – Once upon a time the general consensus was that if you wanted to lose weight you had to eat very little and work out for hours a day. Now the importance of specific programs aimed at tackling fitness and nutrition have become far more popular. The world of weight loss and exercise is weighted down with myths and a dedicated approach that offers the right mix of training can really help. With its elements of HIIT, scalable fitness, and strength training, suspension training is a powerful tool to fight fat. It isn’t called metabolic conditioning for no reason!

Another trend on the top 20 list is also core training, and with its emphasis on balance and muscle stability, TRX is a top core strengthening exercise program.

Join the fitness trend for 2014 and put your weight and effort behind some quality suspension training.

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