Best team sports to get you fit

2014February07_TeamSports_AWhen it comes to exercising and getting fit, team sports can really add some spice to your routine. Not only do sports often give you a total body workout that improves your cardiovascular and muscle strength, not to mention agility, flexibility and endurance. Most of all, you also get to enjoy the game and have fun while exercising.

There are many team sports that you can choose from, and they all have their own set of merits when it comes to keeping you fit and healthy. They target different muscle groups and problem areas, and also improve your overall fitness while you’re having fun. If you want to give team sports a try, there are lots of team sports you can try.


Aside from being a much-loved sport, basketball combines many different movements that cover every muscle group in your body. Running around the court, especially during fast break,  boosts your cardiorespiratory system and burns calories fast. Jumping while getting the rebound builds your endurance and strength. Your flexibility and body coordination also improve when you try to defend the ball from your opponents. This highly physical sport is perfect for team players of all ages and fitness levels.


If you love cardiovascular-based exercises, then the constant running and jumping of frisbee could appeal, especially if you are good at throwing and catching The action that you get while playing frisbee is continuous, hence making you burn a lot of calories in the process. It also improves your agility and lower body strength as you jump and dive for the frisbee throws.


Try rowing if you want to have a total body workout. Just like running, rowing is a great cardiovascular exercise, but it does more than that because it can also sculpt the muscles in your legs, back, arms, and core. Although it is a non-weight-bearing workout, the continuous movements build lean muscles and promote endurance and muscular strength. Just remember to practice proper technique in order to prevent minor injuries and muscle aches.


Just 30 minutes of racquetball can burn nearly 400 calories, making it an excellent workout for keeping your heart rate up. It can be overwhelming for a beginner at first, but once you get into the game, the constant sprinting, twisting, and lunging can increase your muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility. Best for individuals with at least intermediate fitness levels, racquetball can be played by up to four people.


Arguably the most popular team sport in the world, soccer improves your stamina and endurance with the constant motion that it involves. It can also helps your coordination, increases body strength, and improves your flexibility, as you strive to make a goal. Even beginners will benefit from playing soccer, since it requires minimal equipment.

Team sports provide a way of breaking the monotony of your everyday workouts. You can engage in these sports at least once a week, while still sticking to your gym routine. For more team sports ideas, drop us a line.

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