Massage therapies to choose from

2014February07_MassageTherapy_AThere are many things people do to reduce stress or relax and one of the most popular is massage therapy. It’s hard to beat a nice soothing massage after a hard week at work, or even after a strenuous workout. There are various types of massage treatments that you can choose from and each of them has its own set of benefits, from energizing your body to preventing injury.

Massage therapy has been gaining in popularity in recent years, as more and more people discover its many benefits. The pressing, kneading, and manipulation of soft tissues and muscles can help relax and rejuvenate you after a long day’s work. In addition to this there are massage treatments that target your body’s acupressure points to relieve complaints such as pain, depression and headaches.

If you are planning to get a massage, here are some of the most popular therapies to choose from:

Swedish massage

One of the most common types of massage, Swedish massage uses different strokes that help relieve muscle tension, promote relaxation, and invigorate your mood. For those who want to experience a more gentle massage, this is for you. The therapist uses long, gliding strokes to relax you, followed by kneading and deep circular movements, which target circulation. Finally, your therapist will tap your skin using cupped hands in order to release lymphatic build-up and break down cellulite.

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu, meaning finger pressure, is a type of Japanese massage. The principle behind shiatsu is that the therapist targets certain acupressure points in the body. These are thought to be important in restoring the body’s natural flow of energy or “chi”. If there are any blockages in these acupressure points, shiatsu will help unblock them. Pressure is applied at each acupressure point for two to eight seconds. The firm yet relaxing approach of this massage has made it popular among both athletes and regular people.

Thai massage

Thai massage is more intense than Swedish and shiatsu massage. The therapist uses their hands as well as parts of their body to move you into different yoga-like positions. Thai massage energizes you, reduces stress, and improves your flexibility with the therapist employing acupressure, joint mobilization and muscle compression. There is a lot of stretching involved in Thai massage so you should consult your doctor first if you have any medical conditions, especially back problems, that might be aggravated by this therapy.

Deep tissue massage

For those with chronically sore and stiff muscles, you may want to try a deep tissue massage. As the name implies, this targets the deeper muscle and connective tissue layers with the therapist using short and slow strokes and friction techniques to reach these areas. This is an intense massage used for muscle strain, injury recovery, and postural problems. You may experience muscle soreness for a couple of days before you start to experience the therapeutic effects.

Sports massage

If you’re an athlete or involved in any type of physical activity, you may benefit from a sports massage. This combines Swedish and Shiatsu techniques to prepare you for a sporting event. Many athletes have sports massages as part of their pre-game warm-up, however it also makes for great post-game therapy. Employed before an event or match, the focus is on preventing injuries and enhancing performance. Post-training it is used to help heal injuries and relieve muscle strain.

These are just a few of the most popular types of massage and whether you’re looking to  de-stress and relax, improve your posture or your flexibility, or you have tired and aching muscles due to physical activity, contact us today to find out how we can help.

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