Make your partner your fitness buddy!

2014February11_CouplesActivity_AMotivation is a key factor in every fitness endeavor. You won’t be able to last any workout routine for long if you don’t motivate yourself day after day to push through it. There are days when motivation can stumble and fall, especially if you are training by yourself. Having a fitness buddy though may make you think twice about giving up, since you have made a commitment not just to yourself but to your buddy as well. And the person who might just be your best fitness buddy could be your other half

There are many benefits to working out as a couple. For one, you get to spend more time with each other, a good relationship strengthener. If you’re tired of the whole dinner/movie kind of outings then working out can offer a really welcome alternative. Not only is it a fun to get fit as a couple, but it also helps burn calories and increase your fitness levels, which is an added benefit for the both of you. Imagine the many physical sports and activities that you can both engage in if you are both physically fit.

Working out as a couple also means planning together for your health. You become more accountable for the kinds of food that you eat if you have set nutritional goals with your partner. Getting involved in positive activities together also makes it easier for you to stick to your diet and exercise routines. Furthermore, exercise has been proven to boost your mood and reduce stress. You might share more smiles through a healthier outlook.

If these reasons are enough to convince you that having your partner as a fitness buddy can be loads of fun and could even benefit your relationship, but you’re not sure what to do, then you here’s some great activities:

  • Dance classes – Dancing is a great way to bond with a partner. You can take Zumba, tango, salsa, or ballroom dancing classes if you want to engage in a healthy yet fun activity with your loved one. Just imagine how many calories you can burn dancing. Moreover, dancing can bring you closer together too, as well as improve your fitness levels.

  • Tennis – For sporty couples, tennis is a great way to exercise. The constant running for the ball will get your heart rate up in no time. You can compete with each other on the tennis court too to add a healthy spark, or even team up with other like-minded couples with a game of doubles.

  • Hiking – If you both love traveling and enjoying nature together, then what better way to exercise than by hiking into the woods or mountains? This aerobic activity can boost your heart rate, strengthen your bones, and tone your muscles. However, make sure the hike matches your fitness levels and doesn’t lead you down the path of injury and exhaustion.

  • Skiing – You can adapt your activities to suite the climate. Summer might see you heading inside to guard against sunburn, while those experiencing the Winter cold shouldn’t see this as an excuse to not work out. Skiing has always been a great activity for couples who want to combine a holiday and activity. You can get a total body workout, and a warm and cozy cabin at the end of a great day on the slopes hitting the pow is also a huge plus.

  • Kayaking – Forget the gondolas of Venice, head for a romantic boat ride at the nearest lake, in a kayak made for two. Kayaking requires two people, since there needs to be someone to paddle in front and at the back. This can improve your upper body strength, plus it’s a great way for you to bond and talk.

Couples who play together, stay together. Give us a call this Valentine’s Day and we’ll find the right activity that you both will love.

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