Avoid these TRX mistakes!

2014March06_TRX_BTRX suspension training has become one of the most popular workouts for the hardcore gym enthusiast, and to a growing extent those looking to push their workout to the limit. Many Kaia girls have found their stride with this US Navy SEAL-developed exercise routine that uses straps and your bodyweight to provide the ultimate workout. For those who are looking to take up this activity there are some potential mistakes you should be aware of.

TRX can be done in a group setting or individually. However, just like any other fitness routine, the suspension trainer is only as good as the person using it. TRX mistakes can have a big impact on your weight loss or bodybuilding goals. Even worse, they can sometimes cause serious injury.

Your feet in the wrong spot

Having your feet placed in the correct position is important in TRX training. If your feet are out of position, you could run the risk of sprains, tears, and even worse. Ask your trainer where and how feet should be positioned when exercising. Feet position plays a role in dictating the intensity of your workout so be sure that they are in the right position for the challenge you are trying to achieve.

Wrong body position

TRX workouts use body weight and gravity to create an intense workout. Make sure that your body positioning and foot stance is correct before starting each exercise. Figuring this out will make your workout more efficient, effective, and safer too. The correct body position will also allow you to adjust your body angle during exercise rather than having to stop completely and start over again.

Floppy straps

There is a rule in TRX training stating that your straps should not have any slack no matter what exercise you are performing. Floppy straps mean inefficient exercising and can lead to limbs being caught and tweaked. Correct this by keeping constant tension in your movements. This will give you constant resistance and the intensity needed to burn calories and build muscles.

Floppy straps can be a problem especially when doing core exercises such as planking. Straps with slack can cause sagging in the mid-section and render your exercise ineffective and make you at risk or injury.

Not keeping your core engaged

Keeping core muscles engaged during TRX training is important, so keep it tight and aligned properly. When you feel your core beginning to sag, imagine you are a surfboard, you should be rigid and straight. Gently pull up the middle of your back so that your core muscles are continuously taut throughout the exercise.

Uneven pressure on sides

Do your hands feel weird during training? If the answer is yes, check that the center loop divider below the anchor point is flat. If it is flat, there is a problem with your handle alignment. If it’s not then you can flatten it with a simple adjustment.

Not checking the anchor

The TRX suspension straps are designed to withstand up to 1,000 pounds. However, workouts are totally useless if they’re not anchored to a stable or firm object. In order to get the best resistance training, give the straps a couple of good tugs to make sure that the anchor doesn’t budge.

Not using kickstand motion

If your back is starting to hurt during exercises but you’re not ready to throw in the towel just yet then it’s time to use the kickstand motion. Just bring one foot forward to provide your back with additional support as you get on with your push-ups, triceps extension, and other exercises.

Not having enough energy

Some gym injuries can be prevented by having enough energy to continue training. Some TRX users encounter injuries when they accidentally let go of the strap or find themselves being overpowered by the resistance. This can easily be avoided by making sure that you have enough energy to fuel your workout.

The TRX suspension training system is used by athletes, bodybuilders, and everyday folk to improve their health and fitness. It has many benefits, especially if used correctly. Ignorance can cause exercises to be inefficient or increase the risk of injuries. Understanding the correct procedure, positioning, and equipment handling can give you more out of your workout.

If you are looking to start a new TRX routine, or get more out of an existing one, come see us today.

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