Know what you want!

2014March11_Motivation_AHave you ever really believed you knew what you wanted only to realize later ┬áthat you didn’t have a clue? Sometimes it’s not only a challenge to find a way to achieve our ambitions but even to decide what the goals are in the very first place. Without new ideas and clarity of thought it’s difficult to inspire purpose and intent, from which our motivation springs. If you know that you’re not happy with either your body or your lifestyle, or possibly both, then it is time that you got to know what you really want!

It’s often easier to talk about what you don’t want and don’t like that what you do want and do like. And it’s even easier to simply ignore the bigger question of what you need when it comes to your fitness. You may have generic ideas about getting fit and of course everybody knows that good health is priceless. Beyond this though many people flounder and bob along, merely going through the motions of being active, without really knowing where they are going or why. The issue then is that motivation wanes and without a clear end goal in sight you are more prone to simply stop, and possibly even backtrack a little.


When you’re working out what you want, to motivate yourself, cast your thoughts far and wide and look at different options. Do you want to lose weight or bulk up? Do you want to want to become a serious athlete or simply have a more active quality of life? Don’t focus on the how or why but just entertain different ideas that come forward in your mind as possible ‘wants’.


Take some of the ideas that really strike a chord and then build these up a little. For example, if you want to drop some excess bulges do you want to lose weight everywhere or in one area of your body? Do you want to a better quality of life so that you can go on a walking holiday or climb a mountain, or play with your kids?


Your next step on the way to securing motivation to reach your goals, is to look at how these goals can be achieved through a strategy. Give these ideas purpose by finding practical solutions. You might want to talk with a fitness expert, for example, in which case you should get in touch with us. You might want to find out about different styles of training and programs, and match up a method with the theory.


You know what you want and how you can get it. The next stage is to clear or arrange your schedule so that you can commit to making the necessary changes. Intent is not a thought process but affirmative action that sees you carrying through with your ideas. Unless you are taking steps toward your ambitions they really are nothing more than flights of fancy.


Knowing what you want, finding the way to get it, and taking the right steps brings about a natural motivation. If you follow the ideas of others or give in to outside pressure about what you should or shouldn’t be doing then your motivation is not going to be easily sustained.

We can start the ball rolling if you are looking for some inspiration!

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