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2014March19_Cardio_ACardio gadgets are a great way to keep track of your weight loss or other fitness related goals. These gadgets can help take your workout to a new level while keeping you informed. With the ever increasing sophistication of technology, cardio gadgets are no longer limited to the pedometer and heart rate monitor. There are many high and low tech workout tools you can take with you during your workout. Let’s have a look at some of these gizmos and see how they can help with fitness.

Here is an overview of some of the more important tech related gear you can use for your workouts. While these may not seem all that tech advanced, they have been developed using the latest technology in order to help you get more out of your workouts.

The right sneakers

Shoes are very important, if not the most important, cardio gear. They should be chosen for their comfort, durability and give you the stability you need during cardio training. The Asics Gel Uptempo for example, is designed for exoskeletal support during agility training. This shoe is perfect for plyometric drills and interval training. The right shoes will give you support when doing exercises on a hard surface while providing comfort so that you can finish your cardio workout.

If you are looking for the perfect sneakers, try heading to any high-end sports stores or even specialized sport-shoe stores. Many of these stores offer advanced technology that they utilize to measure how you run, jump, climb and the type of support you need. From there, they can offer the perfect shoe that will meet your needs.

Circuit trainer

Racing from one exercise to the next can be good for weight loss but sometimes glancing at the clock can be troublesome. This cardio gear eliminates having to check the time through the use of an audible workout timer that you can program so you can exercise, rest and move to the next workout just by listening to the device. You can also program how long you want the exercise and rest periods to last.

This is perfect for folks who would like to do circuit training while not at the gym, or on days where they aren’t working with a personal trainer.

Calorie Management System

The Body Bugg System is one of the latest pieces of fitness technology to hit the market. This little gadget will measure calories burned using sensors while you workout. This watch-like device is easy to use and monitor your progress. Results can be viewed via smartphone or through the digital display on the gadget. It is a Web based app designed to make it easy for users to manage their caloric data, something that can be a big help in motiviating you to get out there and work on your Cardio.

Because this is Web based, you can also share your achievements with others, which can be a big help, motivation wise.

Heart rate monitor

The heart rate monitor is an important cardio gadget that allows you to know if you are working out within your target heart rate zone. The target heart rate zone should be between 60% and 80% of your maximum heart rate. Working out in this zone will give you maximum fat burning benefits so that you will exercise more efficiently.

Yoga mat

It is always advisable to have your own yoga mat rather than borrowing the extra ones at the gym. Take for example the Kulae tpEcomat which is 100% biodegradable and latex-free so it is ideal for those with latex allergies. Plus, it is bacteria resistant which is great for longer exercise routines. But the best thing about this yoga mat is that it is 4 inches longer, making it ideal for different body types.

Shoe wallet

How’s a shoe wallet gonna make you lose weight you ask? While they may be low tech, they do give you the peace of mind you need while working out. Stow money, credit cards and your locker key while in the gym. The Nike Shoe Wallet for example, is expandable and can be attached to the laces of your sneaker. The shoe wallet allows you to focus on important things such as your cardio exercise and weight loss goals.

If you are looking for more interesting ways to give your cardio workouts a boost, contact us today to see how our programs and trainers can help.

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