Getting boot camp ready!

2014March19_BootCamp_BAt Kaia our BRIK program is a six week boot camp where each training session builds on the one before, so you really see and feel positive progression. Many of our BRIK Kaia Girls set out on the BRIK journey to achieve their fitness goals. With help from the supportive team at Kaia we prepare you for transformation. However, before you even start, you’ll pave the way for your success by getting boot camp ready!

There’s no doubt about it that boot camp ca really put you through your paces. You might not be totally prepared for the amazing results that you achieve or how a fitness program can impact your life to such an extent, not just physically but mentally too. It’s great to jump into boot camp with both feet and not overthink what you want but simply get going with it. However, there are some practical steps you can take before your first boot camp session that will stand you in good stead.

  • Think nutrition: You don’t want to be coming home after your first boot camp experience to be faced with unhealthy foods and tempting snacks that are going to undo all your hard work. Even if you’re not sure about what nutritional plan to follow just yet, at least do a clear out of all the garbage foods which everyone knows do your health and your body no good at all. Let’s face it, if you have a big tub of ice cream available you’re going to eat it!

  • Think fitness gear: Find out what the boot camp entails before you organize what you’re going to wear. This isn’t about fashion and labels but about clothes and training shoes that fit with the style of training you’re going to be doing. Do you need layers? Do you need shorts or longer pants? There’s nothing worse than turning up to a training session and feeling exposed, ill at ease or downright uncomfortable.

  • Think schedule: It’s not really enough to have a vague idea that someway and somehow you’ll find a way to attend each boot camp meetup. After all, boot camps by their very nature are often fairly intense in terms not just of activity but commitment. Clear your schedule and make any necessary arrangements you need so that actually turning up to boot camp isn’t going to be an issue or stress you out.

  • Think lifestyle: To really get fit and stay fit, it’s not really a matter of exercising a bit and then going back to your unhealthy lifestyle. This is an old-fashioned view and counterproductive. Start making some changes in your life in general before you hit boot camp, if you feel that certain activities go against what you’re trying to achieve.

  • Think social life: Laughter is the best medicine and getting fit doesn’t have to mean you cut off seeing friends. Instead, you might want to change a few activities you do just to keep on track with your boot camp aims. On the flip side, you don’t want to lose impetus through all work and no play, so if your social life isn’t that robust then try creating a healthier balance.

  • Think support: It’s important that those nearest and dearest to you understand that when you begin your boot camp training that you’re going to need positive support. Sometimes those closest to us can end up feeling threatened by change or feel so familiar that they don’t understand when teasing actually feels undermining. It’s worthwhile being assertive about what you’re doing and asking for respect and support if you feel it might be lacking.

  • Think motivation: Before you start boot camp soak up inspiration. You could try reading an interesting biography about personal success or articles about people who’ve completely turned their life around through diet and fitness. There’s no doubt that what you surround yourself with influences your subconscious, so be mindful of how this can impact your motivation.

  • Think results: You don’t necessarily have to have razor sharp aims before you get going, but some notions of what you want to achieve with boot camp can help. Spend time reflecting on what you would like to change as when you start boot camp you will find that your input and interaction can make a real difference.

Boot camp ready? We’re ready for you! Get in touch!

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