What not to believe! CrossFit myths!

2014March20_CrossFit_BWomen who love to work out are no strangers to intense workouts. But the rumors surrounding CrossFit is enough to scare some girls away. Myths like “CrossFit is going to make you bulk up” are simply not true. CrossFit exercises are intense and are designed for weight loss and fitness. The truth is women do not have the hormones to build lots of muscles so doing CrossFit won’t make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. CrossFit is a great exercise for women so it’s high time to dispel these myths.

1. CrossFit is too intense, I am too old.

CrossFit is not only for the young, it is for all ages. Pictures of people doing CrossFit can be intimidating but just like any other workout, newbies start at the beginning. The best thing about this exercise is that it is scalable. This means you only do what you can do. For example there will be exercises that call for lifting weights and CrossFit instructors will allow students to choose weights they are comfortable working with.

This means that the WOD is scaled to your needs. That being said, Instructors will still expect you to work hard at the level you choose but will also expect you to work out safely.

2. CrossFit makes you muscular

This is a big worry for many women and even some men. In order to bulk up the body needs to do two things: lift heavy weights frequently and eat lots of food. Bulking up by doing CrossFit only is simply not true. Lifting heavy weights is not a focus with CrossFit. People lift weights during CrossFit but it is coupled with cardio in order to provide interval training that will tone muscles but not bulk them up.

Of course, if you start to eat more while working out, you will naturally bulk up a bit, so it would be a good idea to watch what you eat while doing CrossFit.

3. CrossFit will make you vomit

CrossFit WOD exercises are intense and trainers will push you to do your best. But there is a myth out there that the trainers will push you like a hockey coach pushes his players – the the point of vomiting from exertion. This is simply not true, and in fact many trainers would prefer it if their trainees don’t push themselves that far and hard.

When doing a WOD, you will push yourself and if you start to feel sick at any time during the training, tell your instructor that you need a break. Take a few minutes to drink some water, get some fresh air and let your body settle down a bit before restarting the workout.

Of course, if you eat a big meal before working out, you may feel a little uncomfortable, so it is best to refrain from chowing down a big plate of pasta then working out. Try something more simple like a banana.

4. You have to eat specific foods

Working out without dieting can slow down the workout process and even delay results. Many people seem to believe that CrossFitters are only allowed to eat certain foods. This is not true. While going on a Paleo diet or Zone diet is suggested, it is not mandatory. CrossFitters however are encouraged to change their regular diet to a healthier one with focus on eating lots of fruits, lean meat and vegetables.

5. CrossFit Is expensive

When compared to regular gym fees, CrossFit will seem expensive. But think of it this way: For a slightly higher gym fee you are getting the benefit of high-level coaching. CrossFit instructors offer not only coaching but individual attention as well. This means you have a trained professional dedicated to helping you reach your workout goals. With dedication on your part results will be inevitable so it’s really a value.

If you are looking to give CrossFit a go, contact us today to join a class!

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