Sweat together! Stay together!

2014March26_CouplesActivity_AEvery relationship needs care and attention, just as you do as an individual. But have you considered working out with your other half to really add a boost to your lives? While wearing baggy training pants and looking red in the face might not seem like the perfect way to keep the spark going, there is something to be said for the idea that couples who sweat together, stay together!

Does the thought of going it alone on a long fitness journey sound like an a tough challenge? Would you like to share your quest for a healthier lifestyle with your partner? While we often think of reaching our fitness goals by ourselves, as a couple you can not only get in shape but benefit from some positive relationship benefits too.

Healthy & dynamic together time: Forget those boring couples who spend their downtime chowing down on takeout and glued to a big plasma screen every night. Isn’t it great to feel energized and positive when you’re together rather than sluggish and humdrum?

Relaxed, stress-free together time: Exercise promotes relaxation and the hormones and neurotransmitters can lift your mood and alleviate any anxiety, as well as clear the mind. Couples that get stuck in the house together too much can struggle to unwind properly and can start to feel irritated as a result, with boredom or frustration leading to impatience too.

Better love life: Balanced hormones can lead to an increased libido, and let’s face it, if you’re both feeling physically great from a healthier lifestyle then you’re going to feel more attractive and better about yourself too. On a mental and physical level, a good workout together can enhance your love life.

Sounder sleep: Exercise makes you feel energized and yet nicely tired when the time comes to get some shuteye. Studies suggest this could be connected with changes in body temperature. Whatever, the reasons, if you or your partner toss and turn at night then working out might make you both mean it when you say sweet dreams.

A bonding experience: When you share experiences with somebody it can create a real bond. What’s important is not necessarily the length of time but the quality of what you do as a couple, and facing a fitness challenge can really bring you together.

Synchronicity: If you’re working out with your loved one then the chances are that you’re going to be somewhat synchronized. This can definitely make lifestyle patterns more in sync and flow more easily, and less likely to create constant conflicts of interest where you’re both operating on different levels.

Greater respect and appreciation: Seeing somebody you care about really try and make a difference in their life and aim for greater goals can enhance the respect you feel for them. By seeing each other as worthy of respect in how you each live your lives you’re more inclined to appreciate them too.

Motivating support: It’s easy for life to get in the way of good intentions and when you lack motivation and inspiration then a partner at your side cheering you on can really get you back on track. If that support is not only championing you but working out alongside you, then you feel you have a real backup with empathy and understanding.

A sense of adventure to keep love alive: Unless you keep the spark of a romantic relationship ignited it can fizzle out. Adrenaline, action, and adventure during the times you spend together adds fuel to the fire of your love.

Better communication: When you exercise together as a couple you will find that you communicate differently too. You might feel you can talk about subjects more easily because of having committed together time and also because the focus might be on the fitness. Working out together is a perfect opportunity to flirt, talk, and connect.

Add some fitness into your life together as a couple and create a healthier relationship!

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