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2014April02_YogaGeneral_AYoga is known for its many benefits to the mind, body and whole being. When it comes to your body, one of the most commonly observed benefits yoga brings is boosting your energy levels. Yoga’s energy-increasing properties do not only affect the body, but even the mind as well, by lessening stress and improving the clarity of the mind.

There are times when you can feel that all the energy is drained from your body.  This often happens in the evening, when all your daily tasks have already taken their toll on you. It might happen in the afternoon when you just don’t feel like moving another inch. Some people even find it hard to drag themselves out of bed in the morning after a not-so-restful sleep. If you are suffering with these problems, then perhaps practicing some yoga will help revitalize your tired body and boost your energy levels.

Yoga and its energy benefits

It is common knowledge that yoga has many physical benefits. As an exercise, it helps improve strength and flexibility, since the poses in different kinds of yoga work on various aspects of fitness. For instance, most yoga poses help stretch your muscles, improving your mobility and movement. Yoga moves can even be added in a regular exercise routine as part of the stretching exercises. Highly physical types of yoga, like Power Yoga and Ashtanga improve muscle strength and tone, while less vigorous styles like Hatha Yoga can create a sense of wellbeing and stability. Yoga is also known to lower blood pressure, hence reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

But aside from these physical positives, perhaps one of the most immediate effects of yoga practice is the increase in your energy levels. Yoga makes use of breathing techniques as one of the key factors in every yoga pose. Deep breathing means you inhale good amounts of oxygen into your body, improving blood circulation and making you feel more energized.

Yoga also helps you achieve a better quality sleep, thus making you feel more rested and energized the next day. Some yoga poses also adjust the levels of cortisol in the bloodstream, which is a hormone responsible for regulating energy. The best thing about yoga is the energy boost you experience is long term, much better than those energy drinks that only provide short term energy spikes.

Aside from its physical benefits, yoga can also help you recharge mentally, relaxing not just your body but also your mind. Practicing regularly is beneficial for stress relief, since it forces you to clear your mind and focus only on your body and breathing. When you do a series of yoga poses, you establish a kind of flow that quiets down your mind and allows you to meditate, creating a surge of energy that lasts long after your yoga session has ended.

Yoga poses that boost energy

If you want to reap the many energy related benefits of yoga, here are some yoga poses that will help uplift your mood:

  • Sun salutation – This pose is best done upon waking up in the morning, since it also awakens your body for your daily tasks. To do this, stand up straight, your arms at the sides and with open palms. Your feet should be together. Inhale while raising your arms over your head, then exhale while bowing and bending forward. Inhale again and lift your torso halfway and extend your spine. Exhale again and bend forward. On the next inhale, raise your arms again and bring your palms together, as if praying.

  • Warrior poses – These series of poses help awaken your inner warrior, bringing strength and power into the body. One of the warrior poses is achieved by starting in a standing position, and then finding your balance as you raise your left leg backwards. Raise your torso so it is parallel to the floor, and then stretch both your arms forward.

  • Locust pose – If you want a pose that makes use of all your back and hamstring muscles, the locust pose might just be the right one for you. Lie on your tummy and extend your arms over your head with palms down. Gently lift your head, neck, arms, chest, and legs off the floor, being careful not to strain the neck too much. Hold the position while breathing deeply five times before releasing.

Take advantage of the energy-boosting properties of yoga. Contact us and we’ll help you learn more about it.

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