Weak excuses not to strength train!

2014April02_StrengthTraining_AExercise such as strength training has long been touted as one of the best forms of exercise we can do. The issue many people struggle with however is actually committing to doing the training. When you should be focusing on training are you busy coming up with excuses as to why you don’t need to strength train? These weak excuses not to strength train could be holding your back from realizing all the fantastic benefits this form of training has to offer.

Excuse #1: I have no time for strength training

Perhaps one of the biggest excuses for not exercising in general is lack of time. Even if you only have five minutes of free time per day, you can squeeze in three sets of sumo squats that work on one of the biggest muscles in your body – your thigh muscles. If you prefer to do cardio exercises in your free time, you might be amazed to find out that you can combine cardio and strength training in one routine. Time should not really be an excuse, because you can always make time for it if you want to.

Excuse #2: I might bulk up

Afraid of looking too heavily muscled? A few strength training sessions will not bulk you up. If you want to build huge muscles, you need to lift heavy weights in a specific bulking program. This is very different than strength training that can actually make you look leaner and is essential to fitness and weight loss workouts. To keep you healthy, you only need to strength train two to three times a week for 30 minutes..

Excuse #3: I’m too tired to exercise

Studies show that any form of exercise actually gives you more energy. It improves your circulation and releases endorphins, which are feel good hormones that elevate your mood. You might feel a little sore at the end of a strength training session, but you will surely feel happier and more energized as well.

Excuse #4: Lifting weights is boring

Since strength training is more of a stationary activity as compared to high impact cardio exercises like dancing and running, it is easy to dismiss it as boring. However, there are many strength training exercises that are fast-paced and certainly not boring, such as circuit training and suspension training.

Excuse #5: I won’t lose weight in strength training

Who says you can’t burn calories during strength training? It is still a form of exercise, meaning you still burn calories while doing it and studies show the after-burn is great with strength training too. Furthermore, strength training exercises that are combined with cardio will definitely help you lose weight. They even go a step further and help convert your fat into muscle, toning and firming up your body.

Excuse #6: I might get injured in strength training

There is always a risk of injury in anything that you do, not just strength training. The key here is to warm up properly with dynamic movements and always using proper form when strength training. In order not to push your body too hard, you need to progress systematically. We can show you how!

Excuse #7: I tried it before and it didn’t work out

Then try again. Set realistic goals when strength training so that you will not feel like you have failed. Train with others so you can keep motivation levels high and you feel accountable, and keep track of your progress. Constant encouragement from family and peers will also help you stick with your strength training sessions.

Excuse #8: I’m scared of the gym

It is normal to get intimated by the gym at first, but keep in mind that it is also full of friendly trainers and staff who are more than willing to assist you in your strength training workout. It’s all about finding the right program, best facilities and a fitness community that you feel comfortable with.

Excuse #9: I’m not overweight so I don’t need to exercise

Overweight or not, strength training exercises are essential in order to stay fit and healthy. Studies show that life expectancy is more related to cardiovascular and strength training exercises rather than low body weight, so if you want to live a healthier quality of life make exercise a habit!

Excuse #10: I don’t know where to start

With us! We can point you in the right direction!

There should be no excuses to not working out, whether it be cardio or strength training. Always stay motivated and think of all the benefits that your body can reap from strength training. Be strong enough to make a difference in your life today. Get in touch.

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