Gravity really pulls

2014April03_TRX_BTRX Suspension Training is really beneficial to women’s bodies and the Kaia women involved in I Kan TRX really benefit from a strong core. TRX can help build muscles, help you keep fit and also lose weight. At Kaia we use suspension training to utilizes body weight and gravity to create challenging workouts that improve muscular connections that contribute to a stronger and more stable core.

If you are unsure whether TRX is the system for you, then you might want to know about the wide array of benefits it can offer people of all ages and abilities.

It challenges your muscles

Suspension training deliberately changes your center of gravity keeping your muscles challenged. The body’s center of gravity is right above the hips along the central axis. With TRX Suspension Training the center of gravity changes with every move. Suspension training involves many muscle groups, so the body controls the center of gravity with every movement even when doing regular exercises. This will increasingly challenge your muscles.

Develops strength

Suspension training, with a little help from gravity, helps develop strength. When using suspension training tools, movements are functional and positions dynamic, whether you are lying down or standing up. There are many different exercises and positions adopted during suspension training and your body is given a complete body workout. You will feel the burn especially in your core muscles, shoulders, hips, and legs. No matter what position you are in or exercise you undertake gravity will add resistance and help build strength as you work out.

Innovative exercises

Suspension training exercises look similar to traditional exercises, but the main difference is the equipment used. If you are tired of lifting dumbbells or doing curls while sitting down, suspension training is the workout for you. Aside from the use of engaging equipment, positions and programs are different too. As you go through with the workouts gravity adds resistance as you manipulate the resistance bands or change your body’s position.

Cost efficient and effective

Using suspension training as a form of fitness is both cost efficient and effective. Think about it, the only thing you need is a TRX gym membership and gravity to help you achieve your fitness goals. Classes usually last one hour and give you a whole body workout that helps stabilize the core and strengthen the body. TRX bands are adjustable so you can use them from beginner levels up to advanced exercises. This feature can give users up to 250 strength training exercises.

System adapts to your fitness level

With suspension training, there is no need to run around the gym to look for heavier dumbbells or to change weights. One tool can adapt to your different fitness levels. If you need more challenge simply change the position of your feet or adjust the band’s resistance and let gravity do the rest. This way you are able to spend more time exercising rather than changing equipment for the appropriate load.

TRX is a full body workout that provides stability, develops strength, and improves core muscles. Every exercise using suspension training equipment involves a fight against gravity. This is a great way to develop their core muscles and add some variation to classic workout routines

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