What to do if motivation slips!

2014April09_Motivation_BWith the best will in the world there are times when, for whatever reason, motivation can slacken off with your workout routine. Here at Kaia we understand that the demands of life can sometimes get in the way leaving you feeling drained or distracted. You might have moments when you doubt the direction you’re going in or the progress you’ve made. What’s vital is to recognize when motivation slips, to pick yourself up with the help of the great support network of Kaia Girls, and to not let the good work you’ve achieved so far be lost.

Motivation isn’t just about punching your fist in the air and shouting out your dreams and ambitions. It also entails the drive to push yourself forward and keep on going. In other words, it’s about effort as well as the allure of rewards. Your body and mind propel you towards your goals but if the motivational engine behind this is spluttering and threatening to grind to an almighty halt, then don’t fear, you simply need some motivating motivational tips:

  • Be honest! – It’s easy to let the fact that you feel you should be doing such and such a workout color the fact that you’re not necessarily feeling it in reality. Admitting that your motivation is taking a dip is not admitting failure; in fact, it’s best to be upfront with yourself rather than pretend you’re firing on all cylinders. You can then make any changes to recharge your enthusiasm.

  • Ask yourself why! – Motivation isn’t some standalone concept that’s separate from the rest of your life. Every aspect of your lifestyle and attitude interconnects and this has a knock-on effect on how you see yourself and how active you are. Look at why your motivation is flagging; is it because of diet, work issues or home life, for example, or to do with the actual workout style?

  • Boost your energy! – An unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, and bad habits all conspire against motivation toward a fit life. Quite simply, if you’re feeling tired and lacking in energy then you’re not going to feel like doing anything that productive, let alone an engaging workout, even if this would give you a boost.

  • Adjust your routine! – Life is not static and as different areas of your life change and evolve you might need to look at how this fits in with your exercise routine. Just because an early morning workout was ideal before, that doesn’t meant to say that’s the case right now. If you’re constantly trying to fit exercise into the wrong time slot of your schedule then the pressure is going to dampen your get up and go.

  • Keep engaged! – Look at how you feel after a workout and if you don’t feel challenged enough or you feel a little tired of a certain style of training then address that. It may mean that you are needing an extra push, or that you need to add an extra spark into your routine. Motivation comes from engaging your body and your mind with a dynamic exercise challenge.

  • Open up and talk! – Sometimes simply expressing how you feel when you’re having an off day is enough to lighten the load. You might be surprised how much support you get from positive people around you and accept that it’s normal to have days when you’re not as souped up as usual. If you chat with fitness experts then you might find that this leads the way to new exercise ideas and personalised tips to help too.

  • Reevaluate! – From time to time look at your lifestyle, how you are keeping fit, and also your goals. If you have a good strategy in place then you might want to stick with that, but it’s natural to allow for some wiggle room where you can change the direction you are going and how you get there. Too rigid a plan or one that doesn’t fit with who you are might be the underlying root cause of you losing interest. An activity and exercise appraisal might throw up new ideas to get excited about.

Join us and be part of something that is not only going to motivate you but could change your life too!

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