Yoga stretches health benefits!

2014April17_Yoga_AYoga really stretches and challenges the muscles and, while it isn’t the only component of yoga practice, it is an important element that has a positive impact on the body and even the mind. Some people downgrade yoga as simply stretching, which is not accurate at all. However, even if it were, the benefits of yoga stretching should be enough to persuade you of what a fantastic practice yoga is.

Do you sometimes just feel like really stretching out your whole body? A good stretch can feel instantly great, as if you have had some type of internal massage even. However, if you find that you need a little bit more persuasion to stretch that little bit further then here are some quick reminders of the positives of yoga stretching:

  • Dynamic stretches increase range of motion: In yoga you are often moving into poses during a stretch and this dynamic, as opposed to static style, really boosts mobility with great 3D functional movements.

  • Less restriction to other muscle groups: If you have tightness and rigidity in one muscle group, from lack of stretching, this can impact another group of muscles; a kind of knock-on effect. This can lessen the effectiveness of exercise. With yoga you get an overall body stretch as well as postures that target specific muscle groups.

  • Improves sport and training performance: Leading on from the impact of restricted muscles on the whole body, the lack of movement can hinder how well you perform not just in training but also in a sport. Any athlete will tell you of the importance of stretching and yoga is one of the best ways to maintain a good quality and quantity of stretches in your workout routine.

  • Increases flexibility: After a yoga class you feel loose limbed and lighter, with longer, leaner feeling muscles. This more flexible physique also helps you lower the risk of injury when you are working out too.

  • Encourages steady breathing: Yoga poses concentrate on the breath and this encourages you to be aware of your breathing and therefore you are more likely not to hold your breath; breathing in a steady way for maximum oxygen intake.

  • Improves posture and alignment: As you stretch in yoga you are creating quite specific positions and this emphasis can improve the alignment and increase stability. Yoga makes you stand tall and stretch your whole body into a better posture, which can have an impact on health too.

  • Exercises stabilizing muscles: You can certainly stretch core muscles with yoga but for really effective results, in terms of strength and stability, you need to target the smaller muscles too. Yoga achieves this through the many stretches which engage your whole body.

  • Helps bodybuilders!: By improving muscle separation, yoga is a great way for bodybuilders to show off all their well-defined hard work.

  • Relieves aches and pains: Yoga stretches challenge the muscles without taking you too far. This means that poses are tackling knots and areas of pent up tension in the body by offering immediate relief that lasts.

  • Relaxes you to the core!: Stretching feels good. And yoga stretches are satisfying. The good feeling you get through yoga practice really penetrates deep into your being and is instantly relaxing.

Is it time you stretched your body with some great yoga stretches for all these great benefits? If you’re not already including yoga stretches in your workout then talk to us!


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