How to spot a fad diet!

2014April29_Diet&Nutrition_ALet’s first of all be clear, diets can work in promoting health and also as part of a weight loss plan. By diet we mean a nutritious eating plan based on sound principles that are tried and tested. We don’t mean diets that come and go and are nothing more than the latest on-trend meal plan. If you’re one of those people who has either tried them all or cannot spot a healthy and nutritional program out of a collection of dietary duds, then you need to know how to spot a fad diet!

We’re continuously learning more about how our bodies work and our relationship with food, from weight to nutrition. However, even though knowledge is developing, lifestyles are still leaning towards convenient processed foods rich in saturated fats and calories. It’s not surprising that in a bid to keep the weight down that the diet industry feeds into such a huge market. And with this comes a glut of information and advice that isn’t always based on the best dietary ideas. So how can you spot a fad diet? Here are 10 warning signs:

  1. Cutting corners: Diets that suggest that there are shortcuts to losing weight can’t get round the fact that sustainable weight loss does not come from cutting out certain essential elements of a nutritious diet. A diet doesn’t have to be a hassle but if you are being lured in by a zero effort sell then is it likely to be worth it?

  2. Promises instant results: Don’t be fooled, with the right exercise and eating plan you can really see fast results. Even after a couple of workout sessions you can start to feel the benefit. Add in some energy boosting foods and you can transform your life faster than you might think. However, instant dramatic results have to be open to scrutiny. Have you ever met anyone who looks like a totally different person with a completely different body type a week after they started a new diet?

  3. Risks involved: It’s always a good idea to get advice from a nutrition expert or a medical professional about how much weight you need to lose and how to go about it. What is absolutely definite is that a diet that in anyway puts your health at risk is not only a fad but a dangerous craze too.

  4. Expensive to sustain: There are supplements and diet systems on the market and you may look into these. You might find that you change your grocery list to create a more balanced and healthier diet. However, be wary of diet programs that would prove to be incredibly expensive beyond the short-term.

  5. Impossible to sustain: Diets that eliminate too many foods or urge you to stick to only one meal, are not likely to be sustainable. While you might have fantastic willpower and feel totally motivated, be realistic about life and if a diet looks like it could last a week or two at best, question its validity.

  6. Sounds a bit kooky: There are some really different dieting ideas emerging and newly discovered superfoods which can really add an interesting element to reinvigorate a healthier eating regime. However, if a diet plan sounds totally off the wall then do you think is it really going to work or even be possible to attempt?

  7. Leave you constantly hungry: There’s no doubt about it that a lot of people overeat. The problem with processed foods is that they can leave you feeling hungry whilst still packing a calorie-heavy punch. Some fad diets suggest a meal plan based on not eating very much at all. While you might lose weight quickly your body goes into starvation mode and this results in yo-yo dieting. A good diet should be filling and not leave you craving a decent meal.

  8. No scientific basis: Research and studies are still building up a picture of diet and nutrition so there are always new ideas. And while not every aspect of a diet might come from a strict scientific background, if it feels like it’s been plucked from thin air, and isn’t anchored in some scientific ideas, then it could be a load of hot air.

  9. No proven testimonies: If you’re considering a diet then check out who has had success with it. Have friends tried it or people you work out with? Is it a diet born out of the pages of a celebrity magazine?

  10. Sounds too good to be true: The great positive about a balanced diet is that you really don’t have to feel deprived. However, if a diet sounds too good to be true then the chances are it is. Nobody lost weight from a diet of french fries and take out.

Get some good nutritional tips from us to set you up for a quality diet rather than a fad diet.



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