Flavor your diet with a healthy mindset!

dietandnutrition_May21_AWouldn’t it be great if we could simply think ourselves in shape? Well, while most people become what they eat and do, in terms of our physique reflecting our diet and activity levels, your mind can play a big role in your wellbeing too. The more you recognise this and tune into this idea, the more you can be in control of who you are and what you do in terms of health and fitness. Do you need to flavor your diet with a healthy mindset?

It’s not just what you do but the way that you do it that really gets results. Your attitude and approach to following a nutritious diet can play a part in keeping you motivated as well as changing how you perceive healthy food. Sticking to a successful diet plan really can be all in the mind but first you need to set your thoughts on how you think.

6 Tips to set you on a course of a nutritious diet:

1. Satisfaction is the last course: Forget an unhealthy dessert for your last course but enjoy the sweet taste of success instead. By remembering to stick to a healthy eating plan you can savour the satisfaction that will follow once you reach your goals.

2. Connect with food: It’s important to remember that food isn’t the enemy and unhealthy eating patterns come about through lack of knowledge and bad habits. If you don’t cook then try and learn and change your mindset about food by feeling the joy of being able to explore new recipe ideas.

3. Feel excited about fresh ingredients: Isn’t the aroma of fresh herbs wonderful? Isn’t it a great feeling to prepare a fresh salad with an appetizing mix of leaves, packed with flavor? What’s more exciting, processed food you heat in a microwave or ‘real’ food that is full of natural goodness?

4. Think before you order: For some reason people often follow a healthy diet only to walk in a restaurant and somehow forget all your good intentions. Perhaps it is because they view a meal out as an opportunity to indulge in a ‘treat’ of high-fat foods. Or perhaps it is just that faced with a menu of culinary delights their willpower fades. There are usually healthier options on most menus which don’t detract from the enjoyment of a dining-out experience.

5. Experience each meal with all your senses: If you eat when you’re sat watching TV, or pick food as you rush around, then you’re not really dedicated your full attention to mealtimes. You’re not engaging your senses, including your mind. Take your time, chew your food and think about what you’re eating and how it tastes. If you gollop food down mindlessly then you’re more likely to eat more and not necessarily eat the right foods either. Think about the taste, texture and aroma of foods and how they make you feel.

6. Remember you can change your mind: If you are already started on a healthy eating plan but feel that you are being deprived or are struggling to sustain what feels like a strict diet, then reassess your ideas. It could be that you are being too strict or too stringent, or perhaps that the balance is wrong. Eating healthily should open up a whole new world of wonderful foods, not make you feel as if you are missing out.

Next month we look at other ways you can use your mindset to inspire and maintain a healthy eating plan. In the meantime get in touch if you want a serving of nutritional motivation!

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