I’ll drink to that! Goodness in a glass!

dietandnutrition_June6_AIt’s time to raise your glass to a healthy lifestyle now and in the future. While you do, make sure that you celebrate positive changes in your life with a toast that symbolizes your pursuit of health and fitness with some goodness in a glass! What you don’t want to do is be active and eat right only to neglect what you drink.

What not to drink

Before you explore the wonderful world of healthy drinks – and there are plenty – it’s probably worth going through a quick summary of what not to drink if you’re thinking about your health. You probably don’t need telling that sugary sodas don’t wash down a calorie controlled diet as well as other drinks. While a recent study suggests diet sodas may help you lose weight rather than simply sipping water, the jury is still out. There are still many other potential health effect negatives associated with diet drinks so these should still be on the healthy person’s ban list.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with tea and coffee, it’s the sugar and full-fat milk that’s often added that really pumps up the calories. Sports drinks may be aimed at giving you back valuable lost electrolytes but these are really only ideal for those who workout at a real hard intensity level. Likewise, energy drinks packed with caffeine may give you a boost of adrenaline in the short term but crashing and burning because of what you drink is not the way to go.

The simplicity of water

You’ve heard it before of course, but have you taken any notice? Really, water is the best way to quench the thirst and keep your body hydrated. If you’re not sure how much to drink, and what your daily fluid intake a day should be, then a rough estimate is around eight glasses a day of about 200 ml for women, compared to 10 glasses recommended for men.

Start the day with some boiled water with some lemon slices. Let it cool down and sip in the morning to supposedly aid the digestive process. Although it is far from proven what, if any, the health benefits are, water and lemon each morning can help you find an alternative to your caffeine hit, and it tastes great and makes you feel cleansed too.

Goodness is green

If you’re the type of person who is constantly wanting hot drinks during the day then herbal teas can be a great way to cut back on sugar and caffeine. Green tea is the royalty of healthy teas; a traditional Chinese herbal remedy and a powerful antioxidant that can combat free radicals and is believed to help in the fight against cancer. There’s also one study that suggests drinking green tea can help you lose weight too; the ultimate energizing and healthy brew!

Smoothie sensations and juicy veggies

Make sure you get your fruit and veg with healthy and delicious smoothies and juices. With a jug blender you can throw in soft fruits with some low-fat milk or a dairy-free alternative if milk makes you bloated and affects your sinuses. The ratio of liquid to fruit is about 2:1, and fruits such as berries and bananas work amazingly. The best approach is to not add in too many flavors but don’t be afraid to experiment and add in some zest with ginger and lemon too.

Juicers mean you can get some veggie goodness out of carrots, although these can be grated and added to a smoothie too. Carrot, apple and ginger with some lemon is a perfect pick-me-up concoction.

Goodness is a glass? I’ll drink to that!

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