10 Tips to instantly improve your diet!

dietandnutrition_June26_AIf you want to lose weight or if you want to change your diet to improve your health, you will need to adopt a workable and sustainable healthy eating strategy. It’s not just as simple as cutting out ‘bad’ foods and eating fresh food instead, although this can help. Working out a meal plan and looking at how to change your eating patterns can take time but is well worth the effort. However, in the meantime you might want some tips to instantly improve your diet!

To kickstart a diet or healthy eating plan, you need easy-to-achieve changes and aims that will motivate you to pursue longer-term nutritional goals. To help you get started here are 10 diet ideas you can put in force right this minute:

  1. Ban soda: Sometimes it’s easier to instill an outright ban then try and put limits in place. The more sugary soda drinks you have the more you want, and for some people soda can create a constant craving. It’s a sugar-rush your body doesn’t need, so don’t think twice. Try other drinks such as lemon and raspberries in water.
  2. Eat 5 a day: You need at least five portions of fruit and vegetable each day. It’s pretty much as easy as one, two, three. You just have to add on four and five. Start with a banana for breakfast, add in a mid-morning pear and a salad at lunch,with an afternoon apple and some fresh vegetables with your evening meal.
  3. Be on fry alert: Fried food is everywhere and sometimes we chow down on deep-fried morsels without giving it a second thought. If you have to eat chips once in a while try baked vegetable chips, not deep-fried potato ones. At home oven bake sweet potato fries and don’t take out fried spring rolls or chicken dropped in hot fat. There are healthier ways to eat your favorites.
  4. Eat regularly: It’s true that if you starve yourself you will lose weight. However, this is not the way to go and as soon as you inevitably start eating again your body will start to store the energy as fat. Often those who suffer with weight problems don’t have a set eating pattern and this can lead to binge style eating. Sit down to a meal every four hours.
  5. Quit snacking: In many ways snacking is a state of mind. You tell yourself you deserve a treat or you just pick at food because it’s there. Don’t! If you are eating nutritious and healthy foods during your mealtimes you really don’t need to snack at all. However, if the habit proves too strong to break then make sure you have some carrot sticks at the ready.
  6. Cut down portions: How big is your plate? Do you often eat seconds or even thirds? Do you have a big appetite? Do you eat the right amount? Try serving your meal on a smaller plate and you will cut down your portion size too. It may sound like a simple psychological trick but it works and can be useful for the many people who overeat.
  7. Say no to processed foods: What’s convenient about feeding your body with lots of processed ingredients? Fresh food can be just as quick and easy to prepare so there really is no excuse for eating readymade, microwave meals. Often, these dishes are loaded with saturated fats, sugar and salt, and full of calories. Quick? Yes. Convenient? Yes. Good for someone on a healthy diet? Absolutely not!
  8. Go light on the carbs: You might not want to follow the Atkins Diet which cuts out carbs and focuses on a diet rich in proteins, however, carbs found in bakery products can really stack on the weight, not to mention be bloating too. A fresh salad with poached or grilled fish doesn’t need carbs added to be a satisfying meal.
  9. Think before you drink: Watching what you eat and then filling up on liquid carbs and sugar defeats the object. It is not just alcoholic drinks that you need to be wary of but also calorie-rich smoothies and coffees with creams.
  10. Exercise…today!: A great motivator to start a healthy eating plan is to start working out and getting active. By actually moving your body toward fitness you are sending a message to your digestive system as well as training your mind to think about health and fitness.

Write your own 10 tips to add to these and get started today.

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