Yoga for life right now!

yoga_July4_ABy focusing on the present you can not only let go of the past but make a difference to the future; such is the basis of yoga styles which bring elements of mindfulness into practice. Yoga moves which bring the mind’s attention to the present moment in time can really have a great impact on your perception, attitude to exercise and life in general, as well as help you reach your health and fitness goals in the future. Is it time you benefitted from yoga for life right now?

It is a misconception to believe that in yoga you are clearing your mind and thinking of nothing. In reality yoga is an exercise that awakens your mind, as well as your body, and it is this reenergization that often brings clarity of thought to your actions. There are many advantages to practicing the habit of bringing your attention to the here and now:

Gives you an immediate status update

Forget for a moment where you want to be and where you have been; let’s instead look at where you are right now. To make any positive changes, or to move in the right direction in the future, you have to know what your starting point is. Focusing your mind on the present moment is really about connecting with who you are at this point in time.

Promotes a liberating sense of self

Mindfulness is not about being introspective or over-thinking but it is about being alert and aware. Yoga practice that emphasises this type of attention reinforces your sense of identity; in essence, your sense of self. The more you get used to thinking in this way the more you will feel free to be yourself. This can have a dramatic impact on your lifestyle choices and how you approach your health and fitness.

Lets go of guilt, welcomes acceptance and makes way for change

You would’ve if you could’ve and if you could’ve you would’ve; you can go round in circles with ifs and buts. Exercise in itself naturally focuses the mind on what you are doing and this can liberate you from the past. Bring with it a conscious focus on the present moment and you can let past obstacles and challenges go, along with any associated guilt, accept what is and allow for what is to come.

Builds awareness of the interconnectedness of your being

Yoga and the yogi mind help create a strong sense of body and mind connectivity. You soon begin to realise just how intrinsically linked the physical and the psychological are. And with this growing awareness you begin to be more sensitive to the needs of the health of your body and your mind. You begin to see just how important exercise is in not just keeping you fit but also providing a stress-reliever for everyday life.

Gives you space to naturally move towards congruence

Mindfulness is not narrowing your ideas but actually focusing your thoughts so that your mindset can grow and develop. In reality, you are creating space in your head for ideas to move around. What this actually achieves is creating a move towards a lifestyle, approach and attitude that fits with who you are and who you want to be. You are giving yourself the headspace if you like to get your thoughts and actions in sync.

Be mindful of how you are living your life today and get in touch if you’re not already part of the positive ‘think now’ process.

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