5 Yoga fitness apps!

yoga_July23_ARelax. Breathe. Turn on your app! As the world of fitness apps shows no signs of slowing down, technology is venturing into some of the oldest workout and training traditions. Yoga fitness apps are a classic example of old world health principles meeting the modern world of exercise. While you cannot beat real world yoga practice with us, yoga-related fitness apps can be a great additional partner.

The Mindfulness App

A reminder to be mindful and an app that takes you on a meditation journey and brings you back to the present moment. The Mindfulness App becomes your inner voice, checking that you are practicing awareness. The app includes silent and guided meditations and you can personalize your sessions too. You can also follow your meditation progress with statistics on your practice. Part of yoga practice is to connect the body and the mind, and this comes from creating this sense of awareness and present-thought practice.
Available on iOS and Android for less than a couple of USD.

Office Yoga

If you spend your days sat at a desk or in a sit or stand still job then you might benefit from not just working out with us in your freetime, but also some yoga stretches during your working day too. Office Yoga adapts the ancient yoga moves to fit with your day, whether you are commuting in the morning or spending time on the phone in the afternoon. Easy-to-use, clear and with colorful illustrations by an award-winning artist, you might not be starting a meeting off chanting Om and sat in the lotus position but you may enjoy doing a few elevator exercises.

Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and costs less than one USD.

Universal Breathing

Just as exercise activates your whole body, so too does your breathing help regulate your functions. In yoga, breathing is part of the practice. It is an essential component of health and wellbeing. Universal Breathing is part of a suite of nine wellness apps and aims to promote balance and relaxation through breathing exercises. Music and visuals are used to guide you into a meditative state where you breathe deeply and focus on awareness as your stress levels reduce. The app offers a progressive course which is based on yoga principles.

Free for iOS and Android.

Daily Yoga

When you are travelling or are away from your exercise sessions with us then what you need is a quality yoga session app that guides you through different poses. Daily Yoga has 45 yoga classes to try which have been designed by yoga professionals. While you will still want to be sat in a real room with other people to practice your yoga, an app can help motivate you to continue or help you expand on your practice. The sessions are displayed in quality HD videos with live voice instruction if you want.

Available free for iOS and Android.

Gratitude Journal

Part of any yoga practice is concerned with attitude, and more specifically, with gratitude. The Gratitude Journal pushes users to write down in their app journal what they are grateful for. You can add photos and quotes too for a greater feel-good factor, and record what makes you happy. You can even rate your day. The idea behind the app is to encourage mindful living and to train your brain to become naturally optimistic…that, and change your life!

Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and costs less than one USD.

Once you’ve downloaded your app make sure you come along and practice with us as well.

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