Activating your solar plexus!

yoga_July31_BYoga traditions focus on everyone having seven main chakras, which are believed to be energy centers along the which the energy of your life force (prana and Chi) flows to power the cells of the whole body. If one of your chakras is slow or somehow not balanced then yogis believe that this will be manifested in physical ailments. You can give yourself a real boost through one of these chakras with yoga postures at Kaia; by activating your solar plexus.

What is my solar plexus?

Your solar plexus is an area behind your stomach where a complex network of nerves radiate out from the pelvic cavity and abdomen. It is an area in the pit of your stomach and in yogic terms it is the site of the third chakra, which is known as the power chakra. If this is not balanced then yogis believe that you lose vital energy and that this can have a negative impact on the very core of who you are, such as your sense of self and your inner strength.

Core strength

When yoga promotes opening up and strengthening the solar plexus, or balancing the third chakra, what this essentially entails are exercises to strengthen your core. This is the abdominal area and lower back, as well as glutes and pelvis. Core strength is vital if you want to get the most out of a workout and perform exercises correctly while minimizing the risk of injury.

Yoga for the abdominals

Yoga poses can work wonders on stretching and strengthening your abdominal area and boosting your core strength, This leads to greater range of motion and better flexibility too. To work activate your solar plexus try these three yoga poses:

  1. The Cobra: Lie face down on a yoga mat. Bend your arms to bring the palms of your hands to touch the floor close to your shoulders. Keep the fingers spread out a little and from your head push up to lift your upper body off the mat into a backward spine stretch. At the same time you will open up your abdominals and pelvic area. Keep your legs together and heels touching and your elbows close to your body. Roll your shoulders back and keep your head up. Put your pelvis into the floor as you gently stretch.
  2. The Bow: This is a pose where you open up your pelvic region and really connect to your core. Lie face down on your mat with your legs together. Bend your knees, drawing the feet in by using the thigh muscles too. Stretch your arms gently back to clasp each ankle. By pressing your pelvis down and contracting your glutes you can lift your head and part of your upper body off the floor. Your abdominals and thighs are creating the momentum here, while your arms are merely to hold your legs in place.
  3. The Boat: One of the best core strengthening yoga poses. In a sitting position on your mat, bend your knees. Lean back as far as you are able to keep a straight back in place. Reach forward with your arms or hold onto the back of your legs for extra support. To really activate your solar plexus, extend your legs so that your body is creating a ‘v’ shape, with your abdominals lifting and really working.

Join us to strengthen your core and release the powerful energy of your solar plexus.

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