Yoga stress busters!

yogageneral_July31_AGiven that stress is such a big issue when it comes to wellbeing and quality of life, it’s vital to combat anxiety in a healthy way. So many people mistakenly follow the route of avoidance or escapism when it comes to their own existence and experiences, without understanding that they can beat stress and get in shape at the same time too. And there’s arguably no better way, exercise-wise at least, than the calming influence of some yoga stress busters for the mind and the body.

Yoga has long been considered a transformative stress management solution. It can be the perfect antidote to the strains we all encounter throughout the day. Exercise in general is a great way to switch off from life’s challenges and feel refreshed and revitalized. Yoga, because of its holistic style of practice, is especially useful at reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

Tempo slows down frenetic feelings

When you feel stressed-out or are under the influence of a busy, noisy, and demanding day, your nerves can feel jangled and frayed. Belting out a good workout can work wonders but so too can a slower pace which helps that wired-up feeling dissipate. The methodical approach of yoga instantly soothes and relaxes you, even if your body is working out.

Breathing quietens the mind and de-stresses

Listening to your own breathing is innately soothing; like the sound of the ocean or birds chirping on a summer’s day. Yoga breathing is part of the practice and deep breaths act like a salve on inflamed feelings and ground you so that any stress you are grappling with seems far more manageable and perhaps even less extreme. Deep breathing can also slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure too, which all point to a healthier way of life.

Exercise space takes you away from modern-day stresses

On a basic level, exercise takes you to a different place. You switch off your phone, disconnect from technology and simply move your body. The freedom and feeling of detachment from the real world around you can give you the breathing space you need to get problems in perspective and have a rest from relentless anxiety.

Mindfulness focuses the mind on acceptance and letting go

Stress is caused by a multitude of different situations and there certainly isn’t a catch-all solution. Often it’s not just a case of the reality of what is going on but how you react to what is happening too. What might be a source of infinite stress to you could well be an adrenalin spark to motivate somebody else. Bringing the mind to the present moment, and being mindful, allows you to free yourself from the mistakes and regrets of the past and the fear and pressure of the future. By letting go of what could have been and what could be, you are also letting go of stress associated with events you cannot, nor should try to, control.

Concentration inspires focus and promotes clarity and energy

When anxiety attacks it’s easy to feel drained and fuzzy-headed. This then becomes a vicious circle where your lack of get-up-and-go feeds into your already downtrodden feeling. You can soon spiral from feeling stressed-out to feeling downright depressed. Yoga focuses the mind and the body with set poses and movements, which are designed to release energy and stimulate your whole being so that you can at least fight the symptoms of stress before you tackle the source.

Movements strengthen the mind-body connection

Stress can make anybody feel disconnected, not just with the world around them, but with themselves. Yoga is a great way to internally ‘regroup’ and create an integrated feeling of togetherness within. In turn, this boost your stress-coping mechanisms and can help promote a more well-rounded approach to life’s anxieties.

Immediately after a yoga session you should feel more relaxed and chilled-out and this instant feeling of being able to turn off from the day is worthwhile enough. Are you ready to beat stress with some great yoga?

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