Refresh with facial yoga!

yoga_Aug15_ADo you want younger looking, firm skin with a clear complexion and a glowing visage? Of course you do! That’s why the beauty and anti-aging industries are so huge. However, if you are turned off by expensive creams and the dread of a cosmetician needle you can still look after your face with cleansing exercise that tones sagging facial muscles in a bid to smooth out wrinkles. Why not refresh with facial yoga?

Yoga is an ideal exercise to relax and unwind from the mental and physical stresses you may be under. By lifting the load off you by releasing tension, your whole body feels immediately far more at ease. This shift in mood and feeling is also reflected in your face too. Feel-good endorphins can turn a frown into a smile which instantly rejuvenates your features.

The movements and poses in yoga also give your circulation and detoxification systems a boost which gives you energy and brings color to your cheeks, as well as oxygen to your cells so they can rejuvenate. By stretching over 40 facial muscles you can really tone up to give your face a lifted, perkier look.

Unhealthy looking skin that looks sallow and a face that shows visible signs of stress can lead to increased aging. Getting to the root of the issue, such as what is causing the anxiety and what lifestyle choices are contributing factors, can encourage and inspire you to initiate positive change in your life.

If non-invasive solutions to a youthful face appeal then why not try these facial yoga exercises:

The Lion

A great pose to stretch the facial muscles, including muscles in the throat which lose elasticity as you age. To get into this pose kneel down with the ankles crossed and sit down. If you struggle with this then add some support with a cushion. Put the palms of your hands on your knees, stretching out the fingers like a claw.

As you inhale open your mouth and stick your tongue out so that it reaches down to your chin. Open your eyes wide and as you exhale let the breath ‘roar’ over the throat muscles with a real animal-style guttural noise. Repeat the roar a few times before re-crossing your legs the other way and repeating the exercise. Really widen your mouth and exaggerate this stretch and channel the inner-lion.

The Giraffe

A young looking neck can definitely give your whole appearance a fresher appeal. In a standing position, bend your head slowly back as you use your fingertips to stretch the skin down at the front from the top of your neck. Keep the head and neck soft but not floppy and keep in position for a few breaths before bringing the head back up.

Next, touch your collar bones with your fingers and once again move the head back as you just your chin and lower lip out, causing your face to grimace as the corners of your lip pull down. Keep in place for a few breaths.

The Owl

The yoga equivalent of resistance training for your forehead; create two ‘C’ shapes with your index fingers and thumbs. Cup round the eyes, being careful to not press too hard into the soft tissue under the eyes. The index fingers should rest just above each eyebrow with your thumbs lying across the top of the cheekbone.

Widen your eyes and as your eyebrows start to raise push these down with your fingers. You should really start to feel a pull if you keep the tension going in both directions. This can also help smooth out wrinkles.

With so many facial muscles to keep moving and training, why not practice keeping your face in shape as well? We can help you exercise the rests of your body with our yoga moves too.

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