5 Reasons to love yoga!

yoga_Sep24_BIt’s true that once women get into yoga they don’t just like it, they love it. If you are wondering what all the fuss is about then the best way to find out is to practice some yoga with us. Once you feel the benefits then you will be part of the yoga fan club too. While there are many misconceptions about yoga, primarily being only for ultra-flexible women who can transform their bodies into a pretzel, the reality is that yoga has been around for what seems like forever and we use lots of yoga moves here at Kaia. If you are still not convinced then here are five reasons to love yoga!

Ask any yogi whether they like about yoga and you will not doubt beam as they reel off all manner of health and wellbeing benefits. So why do we love yoga? Because…

  1. You feel great – You don’t need to have been practicing yoga for years for it to change your life. After just a handful of yoga exercises you will feel different. This good feeling is in your body and your mind and seems to almost magically work immediately.
  2. It stretches your whole body – Do you ever feel ‘shortened’ in that your muscles feel tight and contracted and your body feels kind of crunched up? You might feel this in the morning or after a long day if you work hunched up over a desk. Even if you are active, repetitive movements can put strain on your muscles. Yoga is like a really big yawn, it blows away the cobwebs and wakes your body up. You come out of a yoga session feeling taller!
  3. Stress reduces as you relax: One minute you are fully involved with your life and your day and the next minute you are in another world. Yoga transports you to a relaxing zone where busy lives are kept at bay. This works wonders on stress levels as tight muscles relax. Yoga also focuses and quietens the mind so that you learn acceptance and boost coping mechanisms through meditative breathing.
  4. Movements offer resistance and challenge: While yoga is not up there with full-on cardio sports, the idea that yoga is in no way a physical challenge is nonsense. The bends and stretches that yoga demands create a natural resistance that works with your body and does not overstrain you. Yoga moves your muscles in ways that not only test strength but which focus on proper form so that there is a discipline of movement within yoga.
  5. You move your body in a different way: With many activities you are moving your body in a way that is familiar to you. This is not always the case with yoga as hip openers and postures to relieve back pressure and pain involve bending, stretching and holding your body in new ways. The benefit being that you can really feel a difference straightaway.

Next month we’ll look at five more reasons why yoga is so loved! Meanwhile, if you are not already feeling the benefits you need to experience yoga for real.

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