Xtreme Eating Awards 2014! Part 2!

dietandnutrition_Sep25_AIf you are tempted to veer off a healthy eating plan, or need some impetus to change your eating patterns, then the Xtreme Eating Awards 2014 might be all the inspiration you need! The high calorie dishes revealed in the annual awards offer some real food-for-thought for the health conscious. Is it time you put your knife and fork down for just a moment and really took a good look at your diet?

Last month we looked at the three top ‘winners’ of the Xtreme Eating Awards 2014 and if you’re interested to know what the next three awards were then read on:

Number 4 The Big Slab

To be fair, Famous Dave’s dish of spareribs hardly sounds like a dieter’s delight, with nearly a pound and a half of meat. Add some cornbread muffins, fries and baked beans and you’re done for the day calorie-wise, and then some. The near double daily dose of saturated fat should fill you up and of course just while your body is dealing with digesting that, there’s over 4,000 mg of sodium and 14 teaspoons of sugar to contend with. With this meal there’s nothing to spare, except perhaps a spare tire.

Number 5 Maggiano’s Little Italy Prime New York Steak Contadina

Fancy a steak and then hitting the gym for say seven hours? Thought not! Do you like your steak to come with a little side? Perhaps some watercress or a salad? Or, if you are dining here then Italian sausage, potatoes, roasted peppers and mushrooms, as well as caramelized onions, sun-dried tomatoes. Add a steak jus and garlic butter and you have a ‘side’ that’s around half your daily calorie intake, at 1,170 calories. With the steak adding on another 1,250 calories, you are doubling that. With around 3 day’s worth of saturated fat and double the recommended sodium intake for the day, this steak dinner takes some burning off!

Number 6 The Cheesecake Factory Farfalle with Chicken and Roasted Garlic

Chicken and pasta is healthy right? Well, out of all the Xtreme Eating Award 2014 ‘winners’ this certainly doesn’t sound like a gut-busting main, but at 2,410 calories it is hardly a slimmer’s delight. The bow ties of pasta come with mushrooms, tomato and peas with caramelized onions. Okay, there’s also pancetta and a roasted garlic-parmesan cream sauce but is that enough to break through the daily recommended amount of saturated fat? You bet! At 63 grams you might want to add on a day or two to that. At least the sodium levels are under a day’s worth!

How much is enough?

As a rough idea, if you are unsure about recommended daily amounts, the guidelines suggest around 2,000 calories for women and 2,500 calories for men, with 20 of that being saturated fats, which works out less than 20g for women and less than 30g for men. Sugar consumption has risen massively but women should be aiming for six teaspoons or less a day and men around nine. Sodium intake should not exceed 2,300 mg a day.

Next month we look at the remaining Xtreme Eating Awards 2014 ‘winners’. Meanwhile, be aware of how important your diet is and if you need support changing what you eat then get in touch.

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