Halloween healthy bites!

dietandnutrition_Oct30_AYou don’t have to create a menu of nutritional horrors to create a healthy Halloween spread. You just need to not be afraid of using your imagination and also remember to banish food baddies. How food looks is important, not just how it tastes and you can create themed bites that really fit with the fun elements of Halloween; without a scary ingredient in sight!

Whether for adults or children, healthy Halloween themed snacks can be a great way to show that you can still enjoy a great party or family get-together without overindulging. Kids especially love food that is creative and this is a good way of introducing new foods that youngsters have not tried before too. Just to add some seasonal flavor, here are a few healthy Halloween recipe ideas:

Apple Bites: Cut a thick wedge out of an apple so that you can cut out another wedge from the middle. This should create two bands of apple joined together and hopefully looking like a slightly open mouth. Next add some healthy filling, such as cottage cheese, hummus or a black olive tapenade. Add pine nuts on top of this to look like small jagged teeth. You could even add a ‘tongue’ with a slither of roasted red pepper, skinned so it looks fleshy.

Ghost Pops: Cut bananas in half and add them to a popsicle stick. Dip them in natural yoghurt and add some raisins or some dark chocolate drops to create a face for your spectre and then freeze. You could make a simple sauce by cooking some raspberries or strawberries to add a gory topping too!

Spider Web & Olive Spider Gruel: Individual pots look great for this. Fill each pot with either hummus or a pumpkin or sweet potato mash and pipe on a web design of natural yoghurt. Chop an olive in half to create a spider’s body and then chop the other half into slithers to create the legs and add this to the top for a spooky finishing touch!

Witch’s Cauldron: The power of suggestion can be strong, in fact movies that create an idea in your mind are often the most effective. Make a simple broccoli soup and serve in a saucepan or in a pot decorated with aluminium to look like a cauldron. Add a wooden spoon and serve with a side of white asparagus tips with sundried tomatoes on the end and a homemade tomato sauce to look like severed fingers. Add stuffed olives cut in half to the soup for eyeballs!

Scary Squid Ink Worms: Black spaghetti doesn’t need much added. Add a rich, homemade tomato sauce in the middle of the pasta for a blood pool effect.

Other great ingredients to use are small pumpkins and peppers with Jack O’Lantern cutouts, green asparagus as witch’s fingers with red pepper nails stuck on with a dap of hummus. Chopped beetroot and beetroot juice is also a versatile Halloween ingredients. Green juices also make a perfect punch!

Don’t scare yourself with unhealthy snacks this holiday and find the time for a great workout with us too, for a real Halloween treat.

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