Ready, steady, diet!

dietandnutrition_Nov7_AHave you ever felt suddenly inspired to change your lifestyle and your diet? It’s great to react to these surges of motivation and so strike while the iron is hot. But if you genuinely want to create healthier mealtimes then you need to plan ahead and not just launch into a new dieting strategy randomly, which is more likely to lead to failure. You’re going on a journey so it’s best that you get prepared first, indeed it’s a case of ready, steady, diet!

So, you’ve decided to change your diet and maintain a good fitness routine too, right? Well, great, you’re over the initial hurdle for making any type of transformation and that’s deciding that you really want to. The next step is to get ready and be well prepared so that you have a better chance of success. If you think about it, you wouldn’t take any journey without first finding out about where you were going and so packing accordingly; it’s the same with a health and fitness adventure. Before you set off, here are some pre-diet-trip tips:

    • Decide on your destination – You can only start getting excited and ready for a change in your diet if you know where you are going. This means you need to set goals. If you were planning a holiday then you would work out where you wanted to go first. Keeping clear targets in mind makes organizing your diet-trip far easier.
    • Plot your route – If you think of a diet as a journey then your next step is to sort out a travel plan, or rather a dieting route. This means establishing milestones along the way and markers so that you know when you have reached a certain point along the way. If your plan is to lose 10kg, for example, then you might want to aim for weight loss of 2 kg first.
    • Focus on your itinerary and schedule – You need to find the time to take a trip and to really get into it and make the most of it. This means you need to be conscious of managing time. Before you embark on a diet plan and new fitness regime, work out how you can free up time or reschedule events to fit with what you are doing. Do you need to get up a little earlier to prepare a nutritious breakfast? If you are always grabbing fast food on the go, then how can you build in time so that you can prepare a healthy, freshly cooked meal?
    • Plan how you are going to get from A to B – You may have your diet goals in mind and have worked out the route and found time to reach them, so now you need to really focus in on the practical travel plans. How are you going to get from one point to the next? In other words, are you going to embark on HIIT (high intensity interval training) or focus on strength training or some great cardio? And when it comes to your diet, are you going to go low-carbs, cut out gluten or eat more greens? Explore training and nutrition with us to find out more.
    • Stock up on necessities – Depending on what your nutritional plan is, you need to do the dietary equivalent of packing. This means stocking up your kitchen with the right ingredients. Throw out tempting treats that are on the banned-list and make sure your fridge is full of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you don’t have these foods at hand then you are going to struggle to move forward.
    • Open your mind to new experiences – Part of the enjoyment of any expedition comes from your approach and your mindset. Believe that you can make a difference and see your dietary journey as an interesting adventure where you will learn and discover new ideas and experience a new lifestyle.

Before you set off, we might have a great diet trip package deal to suit you, so get in touch.

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