A healthy attitude to your appetite!

dietandnutrition_Feb3_ADo you have a healthy attitude to your appetite? Many people don’t! While some overeat others try and radically cut down on calories only to yo-yo diet when they finally cave in to their cravings. Do you feel at the mercy of your hunger pangs or often find yourself raiding the refrigerator late at night, while skipping breakfast in the morning? If so, you may need to adjust how you respond to your appetite, especially if you want to change it!

Sometimes it can feel as if your mind and your body are working against each other. Have you ever mentally decided to diet, only to find that you seem to be hungry all the time, and particularly for all the wrong foods? If you feel out of sync and can’t work out if it is the way you are thinking about your diet or whether your appetite is out of balance, then you might need to make some healthy adjustments.

Don’t fight your appetite

You don’t want to feel it is you and your will power against an insatiable appetite for fattening foods or you may end up being too stringent on your diet and not eating enough. At some point your willpower will snap and you will be catapulted back to where you started or even further back. Listen to your body first and foremost so that you can create a stronger instinct about your appetite.

The 10-minute rule

Have you ever eaten a delicious meal only to go back for a second-helping knowing full well you’ve had enough? Let portion size control how much you eat if you never know when you are full. Follow the golden rule of waiting 10 minutes after a meal to see if you are still hungry.

Acknowledge cravings but don’t give into them

Sometimes in the afternoon we all feel like we need a little sugar rush. Often food can taste bland if we don’t season it. However, if your body and taste buds are accustomed to sweet and salty foods then any deprivation is going to create a strong craving. If you keep craving sweet dishes, knowing you have probably reached your maximum recommended daily dose of sugar, then change your diet to quell the cravings.

Hungry or bored?

As we looked at last week, emotions can often act like appetite triggers. This means you eat because of some reaction that has nothing to do with hunger. A healthy understanding of these behavioral patterns can help you retrain your appetite.

Hungry or thirsty?

Often it is difficult to know the difference between hunger and thirst. Your brain is just telling you that you need something. Have you ever felt like you really wanted food but knew that actually you weren’t hungry? Perhaps you were dehydrated!

Eat smaller portions more regularly

Portion control is a healthy diet discipline. Know what your body needs in terms of proteins, fats and carbs and stick to this. Eat when you are hungry but don’t overload your plate. In time your body and your appetite will adjust to this more balanced meal plan. Of course, you need to be eating fresh produce too!

Don’t teach your appetite to rage after dark

Some people are quite happy during the day not to eat too much but then savor a midnight feast. This is a habit you really don’t want to get into as your appetite will adjust to the dietary lifestyle you are leading. You will start to feel after a while that you can’t re-adjust and feel programmed to only get hungry when your metabolism is at a less productive ebb.

Eat a hearty, healthy breakfast

Many theories abound but the general consensus from many fitness and nutritional experts is that starting the day off with a good, solid breakfast sets you up for the day. It gets your metabolism going and really fuels you for life’s demands during the day. Also, you are less likely to feel deprived and gorge on bad-for-you foods later in the day.

Remember that your appetite is influenced

Do you think it is just your eating patterns and your own internal volition that affects your appetite and subsequently your diet? Actually, we are all far more susceptive to outside influences such as clever branding and marketing to availability. To combat this read labels and don’t just accept that foods are healthy because they look like they are. Clear out your refrigerator and cupboards so that you are not tempted by fattening foods at your fingertips.

Enjoy an appetite for exercise too and burn off some fuel with us by getting in touch.

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