Want to cut back on sugar? Don’t do this

164 KaiaWith the rise of type 2 diabetes, it’s pretty clear Americans have a problem with sugar. From rotten teeth to obesity and a potential correlation with cancer, too much sugar can have severe effects on your health if consumed in high quantities on a regular basis. At Kaia, we enjoy sweet treats just as much as everyone else, but we know that reducing your intake is essential to staying fit and healthy. It’s all about balance – so when you’re devising a plan to cut back on the sugar, here are a few things not to do.

Don’t simply switch from Nabisco to organic cookies

Just because something is organic does not automatically make it healthier for you. Those organic Oreos (yes, they do actually exist) are going to widen your waistline just as much as the normal ones, and at a higher price tag. When it comes down to it, 160 normal calories is the same as 160 organic calories.

Don’t be duped by non-sugary sounding names

Believe it or not, there are 41 alternate names for sugar that may be hiding on the back of that box of cereal in the fine print. If you read labels, you may instantly recognize the regulars: maltose, dextrin and sucrose. And then of course there are some no-brainers such as honey and caramel. Yes, in case you forgot, those do in fact contain sugar.

Don’t just replace your processed sugars with fruit

There’s no doubt a lot of us would benefit from adding more fruit to our diets. But remember that fruit is still high in sugar. Eat too much and it’s like you never cut back on sugar in the first place. Yes, fruit can make you fat if you eat too much of it. It’s smart to follow the age old wisdom of the food pyramid, and stick to your 2-4 servings a day.

Don’t think only snack foods and desserts have sugar

If you think the donuts, twinkies, and yogurts of the world are the only foods that contain sugar, think again. Many foods you’d never think of are also hiding it on their labels. We’re talking about the likes of salad dressings and marinara sauce, just to name a couple.

While you don’t need to be familiar with all the sugary names, just look at the label on the back of the product. It will tell you how many grams of sugar are in the food as well as its percentage of your daily value.

Don’t eliminate sugar completely, cold turkey style

You’ve probably heard of caffeine and alcohol withdrawal, but did you know you can also suffer withdrawal from sugar? The truth is, if you cut sugar out cold turkey, you’ll be left feeling irritable, lethargic, shaky and, worse still, craving sugar!

Here’s how to cut back on sugar successfully

There are two key elements to breaking many habits of over consumption: awareness and balance. That starts with reading your food labels and knowing how much sugar you’re consuming in a given serving. Once you can see which products are causing you to go overboard, you can cut back on them and find a balance that won’t lead to weight gain or, even worse, diabetes.

For more information on reducing your sugar intake as part of a balanced diet, contact us today.

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