5 diet mistakes you could be making

Diet&Nutrition_Mar17_BThere are a lot of diet information and products out there claiming you can lose weight fast with minimal effort on your part. But even if these methods and products do work, they will most likely only bring temporary results. Losing too much weight too soon can take its toll on the wellbeing of your mind and body. At Kaia, we place importance on proper weight loss programs for our girls. If you already have a diet plan in place, be sure to avoid these mistakes that can harm your health.

Going on a juice cleanse

The essence of juice cleansing is about ridding your body of toxins, by living on bottles of freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices for days or weeks at a time. Fans of juicing claim that your skin will glow and that you can lose weight fast with juice cleansing. Although they can help you to lose weight, juice cleanses are one of the worst things you can do to your metabolism, and your weight will bounce right back up once you resume your normal eating habits. The solution? If you’re genuinely interested in doing juice cleanses, make sure they don’t last for long periods of time. Never abandon your meals for juice. Instead, drink juice along with light, healthy snacks between mealtimes.

Skipping breakfast

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, skipping breakfast is not an option. Breakfast is an important meal for people who want to lose weight. Without breakfast, you tend to eat more than usual at your next meal, or nibble on snacks to fight off food cravings during the day. Studies have shown that a healthy breakfast will speed up your metabolism, meaning you burn more calories throughout the day. So always have a decent breakfast to jumpstart your metabolism every morning!

Eating lots of fat-free foods

In our health-conscious society, people can turn their bad eating habits around by being more selective in their meal choices. They often go for the healthier options by choosing ‘low-fat’ or ‘fat-free’ products. But these labels can actually trick them into eating more than they normally would. You should always check nutritional information first, as some so-called fat-free products actually contain more sugar or calories than their regular variety. When food manufacturers make fat-free foods, they usually compensate for the lack of fat by adding extra ingredients to maintain the taste of the food. Instead of buying processed, fat-free products, you should stick to fresh foods with minimal ingredients.

Relying on diet pills

There’s no such thing as a magic pill that melts your fat away overnight. Even prescribed weight-loss pills must be used along with proper diet and exercise programs in order for them to be effective. But you’re not doing your health any good by putting your faith in diet pills. In fact, some of these brightly-colored pills are made of substances that could seriously harm your body. A far more ideal solution is to give these pills a wide berth, and instead focus on healthy eating and a well-structured exercise program.

Crash dieting

When people want to get in shape for a special event or a holiday, they turn to a quick-fix like crash dieting. This kind of diet forces you to eat very little, in order to gain very few calories and so lose weight. But this method has a major disadvantage. Crash diets are not sustainable in the long run, because they not only get rid of fat but also your lean muscle and tissues. When it comes to losing weight, drastic changes never work well. The key is to make slow adjustments to your body in terms of food and exercise.

Losing weight can be a giant hurdle if you’re not doing it correctly. Contact us today so we can help you plan your diet program and exercise routine.

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