Pineapple can be your new superfood

DietAndNutrition_Mar24_BMuch like coconuts and mangoes, the humble pineapple is one of those fruits whose scent and flavor can instantly take us on a faraway journey to a paradise island in the tropics. But while we frequently sing from the rooftops about the health benefits of coconut, pineapple shirks the limelight and most of us don’t realise just how good this wonder-fruit is for us. Yet beneath that knobbly skin, pineapple packs in a host of powers that bestow health and wellness. Here’s why, as part of your diet plan while training at Kaia, you should be making sure you get plenty of the yellow stuff.

It helps your bones stay stronger

Our bones take plenty of knocks throughout our adult lives, and we need to do what we can to look after them. Particularly as you put your body through more hard work while you exercise yourself fit, your bones and connective tissues that hold you together need some extra care. Helpfully, pineapple is loaded with the mineral manganese, which helps strengthen both bones and connective tissue. Just over a cup of fresh pineapple provides your daily required amount.

It’s great for your gums

Gum health is just as important as keeping your teeth pearly white, and pineapple makes it easy. As well as a suite of other vitamins and minerals that are packed inside the fruit – think vitamin A, calcium, potassium and phosphorous – the particularly high vitamin C content in pineapple cuts the chance of you developing periodontal disease. The disease is most well known for its degenerative effect on gum tissue and jaw bones, but has also been linked to strokes, diabetes and heart disease.

It can help you see better for longer

Remember being told to eat your carrots to develop strong eyesight? Well, there was a secret that nobody mentioned – you could have been eating pineapple instead. Beta carotene, the compound found in carrots that is not only great for your eyes but also gives carrots their distinctive orange color, can also be found in abundance in pineapples. Regular consumption of beta carotene can help prevent degeneration of the retina, which allows you to carry on recognizing faces, reading and seeing into the distance as you get older. Regular pineapple consumption is thought to be capable of reducing the risk of age-related retina damage – also known as macular degeneration, and the number one cause of vision loss in adults – by as much as 36%.

It helps relieve sickness

The next time you’re taking a long journey, reach not for the travel sickness pills – but for a wedge of pineapple instead. Drinking pineapple juice can help avert not only travel-related motion sickness, but also morning sickness during the early stages of pregnancy.

It’s a great diet food

The natural sweetness of pineapple makes it a pleasure to eat – apart from those mental connections with tropical island paradise, it already tastes so much like a dessert that you can treat it as one. Pineapple is low in fat and cholesterol, the bromelain it contains helps aid digestion, and it’s also rich in fiber while being low in calories and sodium. Its high water content means it’s likely to make you feel fuller quicker, so you’ll eat less of other foods.

Want to learn more about which vitality boosting foods should figure in your diet plan? Get in touch and see how we can help.

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