Home VS Gym: Where should you workout?

WomensFitness_April23_AThere are a hundred and one ways for women to build and maintain a physically healthy body but it is a balanced workout routine that works best for most people. But where is the best place for this? Is exercising at home better than at the gym? Well everyone has their own opinion. For some, working out at home is preferable to sweating it out at the gym, whereas others simply need the gym environment to get them in the zone. If you’re still not sure which is best for you, let’s look at the benefits of each so you can decide for yourself.

Working out at home

Sometimes life can get in the way of you reaching your fitness goals and, when it does, you will find it hard to spare time for a quality workout session. Not to worry – whether you’re an office worker or a mom with a busy schedule, you can always come home to partake in a few minutes of hassle-free exercise. At-home exercise has its own benefits of course, and here are some reasons why you could ditch the gym and work out at home.

  • Cost-effectiveness – If you choose to exercise at home, you’re cutting the cost of gym membership that could be well over $1000 per year, including joining fees and sundry expenses. You’re also saving travel expenses to the gym.
  • Minimal equipment necessary – Working out at home doesn’t require too much equipment, if any. A simple workout station will often suffice for most women who want to get in shape. And you can perform certain workouts – like squats, lunges and pushups – without the need for any equipment other than a mat.
  • Get creative – Working out with limited equipment means you need to be creative and put together your own routines, and for that you really have to educate yourself. Finding out and testing new workout moves can be challenging and fun, two qualities of any successful workout routine.

Working out at the gym

Your day might be busy as it is but, if you’re serious about getting a healthy body, you will manage to hit the gym whenever you can. Here are some benefits exercising at the gym has over home workouts.

  • Motivation – When you invest money in something, you tend to care about it more. So when you pay for a gym membership, you are committed to joining the gym no matter how long or how far it takes to get there. And being near other gym members with the same mindset of getting a fit body is the perfect motivation to fire up your commitment.
  • Diversity of equipment – Many gyms have a wide range of exercise machines, making it possible for you to develop the muscle group of your choice. You can do a variety of exercises at home with a few dumbbells, but it will never be as good as a fully-equipped gym.
  • Fitness classes – Some people join the gym to benefit from group exercises and the extensive range of classes on offer. From yoga to bodycombat and zumba, you can experience diversified workout sessions, which can make your routines more interesting and worthwhile.

The bottom line

Working out at home is more popular than ever, since it’s convenient, cheap, and less intimidating for less confident people. In comparison, working out at the gym gives you a sense of purpose that increases your commitment to your fitness goals. Our advice is to choose the place that best suits your lifestyle and personal preferences to get optimum results or if you can afford it, you get a good balance of the two.

If you’re looking to start or improve your exercise routines, contact us today and we can help.

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