Tips for a healthy tailgate

DietAndNutrition_2015Sep1_AFootball season is kicking off and that means one thing – tailgating. Everyone loves a good tailgate; however, the food options can leave something to be desired. They may be delicious, but they can also set your diet back if you’re not careful. Don’t worry though. Here is a tailgate game plan that will let you cheer for your team and not fumble away your diet goals.

Avoid the bad food blitz

Is there anything worse than seeing the quarterback of your favorite team drop back to pass, only to have a defensive blitz overwhelm the offensive line and sack him? This is similar to the scenario that plays out at tailgate parties. You go in with good intentions, only to have your diet protection broken down by the sheer volume of unhealthy choices. You need to be prepared before heading out to your next tailgate.

Bringing some healthy options to the party is the easiest way to do this. One of the main reason people don’t eat better at tailgate parties is because there aren’t a lot of options. Bringing fruits, veggies, nuts and even lean meats will help you avoid the bad food blitz that can derail your diet. Chances are there will be other people at the tailgate who will thank you for it, too.

Penalties for beer

It wouldn’t be a tailgate without beer, but the astronomical number of calories and lack of health benefits means drinking it can destroy your diet. Is there anything more annoying than seeing your team score a touchdown, only for the play to be called back because of a penalty? Well, eating well at a tailgate only to undo that work by downing a bunch of beer can be similarly frustrating.

Instead of focusing on quantity, go for quality at your next tailgate. This will allow you to reduce the volume you drink without having to completely give up beer. Skip that 24-pack of cheap, name-brand beer, and grab a six-pack of a craft brew you’ve always wanted to try.

Don’t let your eating go offside

Nothing drives a football coach crazy quite like a player who gets too excited and jumps offside. It’s something that can easily be avoided with a little focus. Overeating at tailgates is a similar problem. If you aren’t paying attention, you will eat way beyond what you intended to. It’s especially easy to do at a tailgate, since so much of the food is in snack form. A few chips here, a hot dog there, and the next thing you know you’ve completely lost track of your diet.

The easiest way to avoid overeating is by staying busy at the tailgate. Throw a football around, watch some other games, or just chat with friends. Most importantly, stay away from the food table. Chances are, if you’re not looking at the food, you won’t be tempted to keep eating.

Don’t fumble away your diet goals with bad decisions. Let us coach you. We can create the health and fitness playbook to help you achieve your goals.

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