How to avoid Halloween candy overindulgence

27_164_A_DNWith Halloween just a few days away, you may feel a mixed sense of excitement and dread as a night of parties or trick-or-treating with your kids approaches. You remember what’s happened previous years come November 1st: you on the couch feeling bloated and no longer able to button up your pants due to a long night of Halloween candy binging. This doesn’t have to happen again – that’s why we’ve got four tips to keep your candy cravings in check this October 31.

Be ambidextrous

When you have a bowl full of Halloween candy in front of your face, it can become hard to control yourself. Your brain quickly works itself up into a frenzy as you ravenously unwrap piece after piece, stuffing your face with sugary goodness. The next thing you know, there’s chocolate smeared all over your face and you’ve inhaled the whole bowl. So what can be done to prevent a tragic scenario like this? Fake ambidexterity, and eat with your non-dominant hand. So if you’re right handed, eat with your left, and vice-versa. Doing this will serve as a trigger for you to slow down and be more conscious of what you’re eating – and actually enjoy it more, too. Research has shown that this simple switch can reduce the amount you eat by roughly 30%.

Be mindful of emotional eating

All too often, people use unhealthy food as an emotional crutch, and around Halloween it is even easier to do so. Candy is everywhere, and you may be tempted to reach for a snack-size Snickers or bag of M&Ms instead of expressing your feelings. But maybe what you need isn’t in fact chocolate, but instead a nap because you’re tired, or a chat with a good friend or family member because you’re stressed. So the next time you’re thinking about reaching back into the candy bowl, ask yourself whether more sugar is really the answer.

On Halloween night, eat dinner as dessert

It sounds odd, but eating dessert first on Halloween night can help make Sunday morning much more pleasant. The reason? If you and your kids eat candy as your last meal a few hours before bed, it will wildly swing your blood sugar levels and potentially prevent all of you from enjoying a sound night’s sleep. Instead, indulge in candy while you’re trick-or-treating, or as soon as you get home. Then finish your evening with a high-protein dinner such as hamburgers or chili. This will help stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent you and your children from waking in the middle of the night.

Start your day with protein

As we all know, candy has a tendency to linger days, or even weeks, after Halloween is over. So as a way to avoid overindulgence, start you day with a breakfast high in protein, including foods like bacon, eggs and almonds. These foods sate your hunger, so that you avoid eating Twix, Skittles or Starbursts for breakfast.

Want more tips on how to protect yourself from senseless candy binges this Halloween? Want a nutritional plan that works to your long-term advantage? Our experts are happy to help you take control of your diet. Get in touch with us today.

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