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How to recover from a diet failure

After successfully dieting for several months, you have a slip up. And not just any slip up, but the BIG one. Maybe you devoured an entire pizza after a bar crawl, or maybe you failed to restrain yourself while at a buffet with friends. Whatever the reason, it’s not important. What’s important is what you […]

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How to go about choosing a personal trainer

Whether you’ve just joined the gym or have been exercising for some time, choosing the right workout for your body is crucial if you want to avoid injury and get fast results. While many people resort to the Internet as their exercise guide to the yay or nay of workout routines, the fact is we […]

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Swell with team spirit!

We all have our sporting heroes, past and present, be they great footballers, baseball players or athletes. But few of these big names could not have reached the dizzy heights of sporting fame without the help of their teammates, backing them up, making great passes, and sharing the same dreams. This is why so many […]

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