Top 10 gym etiquette rules part 2!

2013May21_GymWorkouts_AIt’s easy to spot a gym newbie. There’s that moment when they walk into the middle of the mass of machines, gym equipment and focused people working out, not quite knowing what to do next, where to start or how to fit in. What most of us find is a welcoming environment where people are supportive and friendly. But everyone soon realizes that there is a way of doing things and not doing things. So, when you’re in the gym knowing the rules, regulations and gym etiquette is always a good idea and not a bad way to start learning about this new fitness environment.

If you feel intimidated in the gym, whether its down to how you feel about your body or your fitness levels, or both, you need to feel comfortable enough to ask for help and give exercise a go. You’ll feel a lot more confident if you know that you’re not getting other people angry by breaking the unwritten rules of how to behave in the gym. Gym etiquette extends beyond being polite and courteous. In ‘Top 10 gym etiquette rules part 1!’ five of these codes comprised: wearing the right clothes, not dominating with chat and being on the phone, not being competitive, not being a gym hog on equipment, and having patience for others when waiting for machines to be free. Well, here are five more etiquette rules for you to consider:

  1. A weighty problem! – While some may be blessed with biceps that would put Popeye to shame, others relate much more to Olive Oil. Each of us not only has a different body shape, but also different strength and fitness levels too. On top of this every person is focused on their own individual strength training goals. With this in mind follow the golden rule and don’t leave weights on the bar when you’re finished, even if you’re a lightweight. It’s what’s expected in any gym!

  1. Me, myself and I! – Okay, so you’ve come to gym to work on your own goals and focus on your own fitness, but that doesn’t mean to say it’s all about you. You don’t have to look for distractions or go out of your way to be overly-sociable but it pays to be considerate. This means being aware of others and how what you do impacts them. What you’ll find is that having a natural consideration of others will make you feel much more at ease in the gym community.

  1. Don’t dump! – Are you the type of person who puts everything back in its place right after using it? Okay, if you are then keep it up. But far too many people lack a real view of what they are like and don’t realize they’re dumping when they quite clearly are. Not only can it be a hazard in the gym but it’s also selfish, even if it’s unintentional. Make a concerted effort to leave each area as you found it.

  1. Don’t leave your mark! – Does the idea of sitting down in somebody else’s sweat make you feel ill? Does the thought of grasping gym equipment handles that are wet with perspiration make you go weak at the knees for all the wrong reasons? If you’re working out then the chances are that you’re sweating out. As well as thinking about some odor control you might want to take a small towel to wipe up after yourself as well.

  1. Are you asleep? – There’s nothing more annoying than those gym goers who stay on equipment because they’re taking a break but extend rest time too long. There’s nothing wrong with having a little breather but if you’re on the verge of settling into a snooze then take time out from the equipment or machine you’re using and rest elsewhere. Yes, you might lose your place but if everyone’s using the gym in the right way then you won’t have long to wait.

Do you have any gym etiquette rules that you think should be written up and signed by all those who enter the gym? What really gets to you when you want to work out? Let us know!

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