Best workouts for overweight exercisers

WomensFitness_May14_AYou’ve probably heard that starting and sticking to an effective exercise plan will be easy and fun after a period of time. But the fact is that if you’re very overweight and out of shape, you’re likely going to face massive obstacles – both physically and mentally – that will be hard to overcome. They will challenge you in every possible way and hinder your attempts to lose weight. Nevertheless, workouts will help you lose weight, boost your mood and self-esteem, and improve your overall health – so having a plus-sized body only increases the importance and value of exercise.

First things first: you should see your doctor to make sure that you are healthy enough for physical activities. After you get the thumbs-up from the doctor, choose an exercise that you enjoy and can stick to. Consider trying these exercises that are suitable for overweight exercisers.


This is the simplest form of low-impact workout, requires very little equipment, can be done almost everywhere and is the perfect exercise for just about everyone. The more weight you have, the more calories you will burn. You can get results from any walk that helps you break a light sweat.

Get started by investing in a good pair of running shoes. For beginners, start slow by walking 15 minutes each day. Add time to your walking session until you reach 30 minutes in one session. Don’t worry about speed and pace in the first few days – you will be able to increase your speed as your fitness level increases.

Water exercising

Doing exercises in the water is particularly suitable for people who have painful joints or difficulty moving. Since fat is less dense in water, you’ll have an easier time wading through the water and performing some water-based exercises, including walking in water, water aerobics, and swimming laps.

If you’re taking a shot at aqua jogging, make sure your feet don’t touch the bottom of the pool. It takes more effort, which means you burn more calories during the process. Start slowly and gradually increase the duration of your workouts as you feel more fit.

Strength training

Although strength training burns fewer calories than cardio workouts, it still offers weight loss benefits. Performing weight training can strengthen your muscles and joints. You also boost your metabolism when you build up muscles, which helps to burn calories even when your body is at rest.

You can either start lifting weights at home, or join a gym and hire a trainer to get hands-on tips on weight lifting techniques that will help you to get in shape.

Group exercise

Developing a social support system is one of the best ways to stick to an exercise program. You can find new friends who have mutual weight loss goals. Take the time to find a class that suits you, by observing first. For overweight exercisers, it takes more time to carry out different movements and shift poses, so check to see if the pace of the class is comfortable for you.

Before joining a group exercise session, explain to your instructor that you are starting a new workout program. Good instructors will help you feel more comfortable during class by giving extra advice and providing modifications in areas where you struggle.

Remember that consistency is key to weight loss success. If you’re finding it hard to lose weight, get in touch today and we can show you how – one steady step at a time.

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