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Breathe, meditate and a mantra for sleep

If you spend many nights counting sheep and trying to get some good quality sleep or are sleep deprived then the answer might lie in yoga. Chanting ‘Om’, meditation and learning yoga breathing exercises is, according to a recent study, a way to not only drop off more easily but have a better sleep once […]

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30s Need to Work Out to Work Better

Keeping fit and exercising should be a work-related requirement if the results of a new study are anything to go by. Productivity takes a huge dip when it comes to workers who rarely exercise, with a risk of lowering productivity by as much as 50%. Those who miss out on a healthy diet could see […]

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Working out with yoga for Olympic training

Olympics 2016 might feature yoga as a competitive event and part of the Games, following a campaign and bid by yoga founders and practitioners. Meanwhile, the rigorous workouts of Olympic athletes reveal that yoga plays a part in many of competitor’s training schedules, helping develop strength and flexibility. The health and fitness benefits of yoga […]

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Mindful yoga lifts blues for moms-to-be

Depression in pregnant women is a reality that affects around 20% of moms-to-be, but symptoms might be alleviated with a course of mindful yoga which lifts the spirits. One result of feeling better could also be the bonding and sense of attachment that the mother feels before her little one is even born. Yoga has […]

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Don’t make excuses you can’t exercise!

It’s what you do and the way that you do it that’s important when it comes to getting physically fit. However, too many people talk the talk but don’t walk the walk when it comes to a regular exercise routine; endlessly promising they will get more active. Is it time you stopped making exercise excuses? […]

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Reducing risk of diabetes with weights

Less than three hours of exercise a week can reduce the risks of killer Type 2 diabetes by around 60% according to a new study. Whilst a combination of weight training and aerobic workouts is the most effective, recent research suggests resistance training alone has a positive impact on the disease. Exercise is important in […]

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