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Three ways to do yoga at your desk

It can be difficult to fit regular yoga practice into a busy, work-dominated lifestyle – we get it. Like most of us, you spend most of your waking hours sat at your office desk, and by the end of the day you simply lack the energy or motivation to get to the studio and start […]

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How to stop knee pains during your workout

If you’re going through the day noticing that your knees are aching – as though you’ve been on several long-haul flights in a row without time for a single stretch – then it is time to take action. Knee pain is one of the most common complaints of those who regularly exercise, and it could […]

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Why to add walking to your exercise regime

If you’ve never considered walking to be the most exciting form of exercise, you’re not alone. And if you’ve routinely avoided making it a part of your exercise schedule, then you’ve got plenty of company on that front too. Why walk when there are so many more fun alternatives? Yoga, zumba, cycling, gymnastics – the […]

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Here’s why you should be walking more

Walking has never had the same level of trendiness or excitement about it as other exercise methods. Who would want to walk when they can run, swim, practice yoga, dance zumba? It is written off as a dull, functional exercise that only warrants being considered if you’re going to do it anyway. In other words, […]

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