Best benefits of CrossFit intensity!

2013Apr03_CrossFit_ADo you often find that while at the gym, you are not putting as much effort in as you know you could. Do you feel that you are not really getting results? Well perhaps you should think of crossing over to a more intense way to work out. One of the most popular ways to keep in shape is through CrossFit which can offer you one of the best workouts of your life.

We all enjoy a nice leisurely cup of coffee on a morning to slowly wake up and get ourselves in tune with the day. But often, there is nothing like an espresso shot to make you feel alive – an intense caffeine hit that gets your nerves tingling and leaves you ready to take on the world.

As with coffee, so it is with exercise. To be sure your weekly weight session leaves you feeling pumped, aerobics gets your heart pumping. There is nothing like a run to help you de-stress after all. However, sometimes you feel the need for something much more intense;  a shot of exercise that pushes your body to the limit and helps you feel energised from head to toe.

The current caffeine shot in the exercise world is CrossFit; a strength and conditioning program that combines gymnastics, aerobics and serious weight training in one challenging package. The trio of different sporting disciplines ensures that you are challenging every part of your body in a different way.

The ultimate aim is to be functionally fit. You are not working out for a six-pack or ¬†sweating to lose weight, you are just getting into great shape so that you’re ready for anything life can throw at you. But be warned, while one of the most rewarding of exercise programs, CrossFit is also one of the most challenging.

It’s intense

If you are someone who likes to have an occasional easy day at the gym, perhaps taking a stroll on the treadmill or having a light swim before hitting the juice bar, then you will find CrossFit to be a real challenge. There is no chance to have an easy session. From the get go, CrossFit is intense, and non-stop. You could be doing squats, lifting, or running, but you will do them again and again over a set time, and if it starts to hurt, you have to push through the pain barrier.

You’re in it together

The way CrossFit classes are run, you won’t get the chance to put anything less than 100% effort into your expertise. There is a near military intensity to each task, and while that sounds intimidating, it also means that you are also getting support from your equally exhausted team mates. Unlike a gym where people are often doing their own thing, at a CrossFit Box (as the community is called) there is a real sense of camaraderie. You are not competing against each other but against yourself, and everyone has the same ultimate goal: total fitness.

It can save you time

Because of the intensity of a CrossFit session, participants get more out of a few minutes of exercise than they might in an hour of gym time. During an exercise round of only about 30 minutes, you are required to complete as many rounds of a circuit as possible. Whether you are lifting, running or doing circuits, you will be pushing yourself to your physical and mental limits. So you will have burnt off more calories than you might have done in a routine gym session.

Intense but never dull

CrossFit takes in many disciplines: weightlifting, sprints, gymnastics, plyometrics etc. So sessions are constantly changing. This stops your body plateauing and you certainly won’t ever feel bored.

Weaknesses exposed

If you are someone who specialises in lifting weights and can bench press more than anyone in the gym, the chances are that you are probably not a good marathon runner. However, if you are light on your feet and enjoy a daily five mile run, you probably don’t have as much bulk or upper body strength as other people. Because of the exercise variety CrossFit promises, you very quickly learn your strengths and weaknesses and the coach can work with you to ensure all-round-fitness.

Not just for men

This is an exercise with a macho image but there are increasing numbers of women joining the classes as they offer an intensity that is hard to find in other forms of exercise. The many different exercises are also great for all round body toning.

Are you up for the challenge? If you want to enjoy all round health and think you can take the intensity of CrossFit, why not get in touch and find out about our classes?

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