10 Boot camp must-nots!

2014February25_BootCamp_BIf you are considering a boot camp program then you deserve a small pat on the back for taking control of your future health and fitness. There are many Kaia women who are involved with our six week BRIK boot camp program who have benefited massively. Our Kaia boot camp will take you and the other women in your group on an amazing journey which might end up transforming not just your fitness levels, but even perhaps your whole outlook on life, the universe and…well, you get the picture! While you do need to plunge in with both feet for boot camp success, there are some must-nots that you should be aware of too.

So you’ve decided to tackle your fitness and the idea of a tailored, boot camp style program appeals. Often it is the focused intensity of boot camp style training which really attracts people. After all, if you want to make a real difference in terms of getting fit, then you might as well go full throttle. So far so good, and you never know you might just enjoy it too! However, to make the most out of your boot camp experience it’s also important to not stray down the path of what not to do.

  1. Don’t blindly join any boot camp: In the last decade or so the number of personal trainers has risen by around 50%, and that means there are lots more boot camps around. However, they are not all the same standard or style and it’s important that you differentiate between them and find a quality program that suits you.

  2. Don’t over-focus on one area: Even if you have a really specific goal in mind don’t become too narrow in your training or your thinking. Think about overall fitness, or you may end up with an injury of muscle imbalance, not to mention a possible fitness plateau.

  3. Don’t think sweat = success: If you are perspiring even lightly then that means your heart rate is up and you are entering the cardio zone. However, boot camp is not just about working at an aerobic level but also doing exercises properly if you want successful results.

  4. Don’t ignore nutrition: Ever worked up an appetite and then got stuck into a late night snack or take out? If so, you’re not the first but not following a healthy diet can undo all your hard work or stop you making any real difference. Diet and exercise are intrinsically linked.

  5. Don’t forget to set goals: It’s a good idea to have short, medium, and long term goals. You need some focus and sense of achievement, otherwise you may lose your way if you don’t really have a handle on where you are going.

  6. Don’t dip in and out: You do need to commit to boot camp and while you might not feel any harm is done by missing out on the odd session, you will suffer from this sporadic approach. Clear your calendar and make time.

  7. Don’t expect results to magically be delivered: Joining a boot camp isn’t the end of your endeavors. While expert instructors will guide you, they are not miracle workers and success will elude you unless you are prepared to put in the work.

  8. Don’t believe that exercise is a punishment: It is a strange phenomenon that often people view working out as a chore that they have to grin and bear. Well, guess what, it doesn’t have to be this way. What’s not to love about creating a toned body, boosting your energy levels, and feeling great?

  9. Don’t rely on willpower alone: The problem with willpower is that it focuses on the idea of deprival. See boot camp as a gift and tap into positive motivation and find inspiration so that you don’t have to rely on your willpower alone.

  10. Don’t lack faith: If you don’t believe in yourself then it’s a bit of an ask to expect other people to. At the start of boot camp you might not quite know how you are going to make a difference but believing that you can gives you a head-start.

Perhaps a further must-not should be to not procrastinate and deliberate too long. Get in touch and join in our next boot camp!

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