Bikram’s healthy body benefits

What can practicing 26 postures and two breathing exercises in a heated room for 90 minutes at a time do for me? It’s understandable that if you’re a yoga novice, or certainly a bikram yoga beginner, that you might want to find out what the real health and fitness benefits are before sweating it out with a full body workout with stretches and yoga postures such as the half moon pose.

It would be difficult to find anybody that would dispute the mind, body and beyond benefits of a regular yoga practice. However, it’s not just anecdotal evidence passed down through centuries that gives yoga it’s powerful position when it comes taking the lead when it comes to fitness. In a three year research project at Tokyo University Hospital, scientists put forward evidence that bikram yoga helps regenerate and repair tissues, vital functions for the body’s battle against chronic illnesses.

What sets bikram apart is that you strike a yoga pose in a heated 40 degree celsius room. Whilst bikram is hot yoga, not all hot yoga can be classified as bikram which has to be accredited with qualified teachers from the founder of this specific program Bikram Choudhury, a celebrated Indian yoga guru.

The benefits of yoga in a heated room include:

  • Detoxing – it’s not a matter of if you’ll sweat but how much. Bikram is designed to eliminate toxins from your body and the postures are designed to work on the internal organs and the lymphatic system to detoxify you during your workout.
  • Safer stretching – a hot room means that your muscles are warm and this means that you can really work them into deeper and more prolonged stretches. Bikram aims to push your stretches to a comfortable point without risking any injury.
  • Focus and commitment  –  the heated room adds an extra element of challenge to bikram yoga affecting motivation, as well as your determination in a positive way. Your sense of achievement when you incorporate the heat factor into the workout as a whole and work though it, is exhilarating.
  • Fat burning – your metabolism is given a boost and this helps break down fatty acids and glucose, whilst the cardio session burns off fat.
  • Cardiovascular workout – the heat and adapted postures means that hatha poses which are non cardiovascular are transformed into a cardio workout which gets the heart pumping.
  • Improved circulation – the dilating of the capillaries means that more oxygen gets to the vital areas of your body during the heated exercises.

To find out more about the health benefits of bikram yoga get in touch and let us help you find the fitness answers you are looking for.


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