Renew your shopping list in 2013

renew_your_shopping_listIs it time to throw out your old shopping list and add some fresh ingredients? Are you so stuck in a food rut that your weekly meal plan seems to merely be an echo of the week before, with little variation or innovation? Well this makes your grocery shopping easier but the problem with not ripping things up now and again and starting anew is that you can miss the chance to try some exciting appetizing foods that you might never have considered trying before. The start of the year is the perfect time to empty your weekly shopping basket and start over.

While you might not be missing foods that you don’t know about, the fact is that your body might be. Everybody knows the importance of a balanced diet. They also know that they shouldn’t be eating too much fat, or not enough protein. While you might want to focus on how healthy your diet is, why don’t you also look at what interesting foods are out there. If you whet your appetite enough with something new it could well motivate you to change your whole diet for the better.

  • Freekah – The nutty taste of this high protein, high fiber ancient grain is enjoying a modern-day revival. The green wheat derived cereal is roasted and can be used as an interesting alternative to rice or added to dishes for a boost of nutritional goodness. Not ideal for gluten-intolerants though!
  • Interesting greens – Salads seem to get more inventive and creative each year. The foundation of a good salad is the greens that you add to the mix. Mustard, beet and even turnip greens along with favorites such as rocket and spinach are worth adding to your shopping trolley rather than a simple lettuce. Salads are worthy of main course status rather than being simply a side!
  • Vegetable chips – A healthier alternative to classic potato chips are usually less fattening versions which could feature anything from okra, to beets and kale. While your taste buds might enjoy the fatty sensation of deep fried chips these lighter varieties are perfect for lunchboxes and don’t sit too heavy even though they are packed full of flavor. A good one for the kids!
  • Umeboshi plums – This salty, sour, pickled Japanese fruit with a moreish taste is gaining popularity. Asian food is never dull and one of the predicted food trends for 2013 is for sour foods, such as cherries. This might just satisfy a sweet tooth with its citric flavors. Health-wise it’s supposedly good for digestion and acts as a detoxifier. Excite your senses with foods from around the world!
  • Popcorn kernels – Forget ready-to-pop in the microwave varieties. Popping your own kernels is simple and inexpensive. Not only that but unless you drench your popcorn in butter, sugar and salt, it’s going to be healthier, or less fattening too. Since snacks can really pile on the weight between meals, low-fat varieties are always appetizing. Shake up your pan of kernels for some healthy fun!
  • Chia Seeds – Superfoods first came on the healthy eating scene a few years back. Since then there’s been new additions to these potent nutrient-rich foods and the latest on-trend ingredient is chia seeds. From the mint family, the small seeds were used by the Aztecs and are renowned for their omega-3 richness, alongside a veritable feast of protein, antioxidants and other healthy goodies. These seemingly magic seeds have certain properties when mixed with liquids that make them perfect for anyone wanting to curb their appetite by feeling full while losing weight.

Take a look at your shopping list and decide, aside from the essentials, what processed or unhealthy foods could you cross off and what exciting culinary ingredients could you add. Give yourself some extra time next time you go shopping and enjoy exploring new tastes. Let us know what your favorite healthy foods and share your shopping list superfoods.

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