Benefits of Bikram

bikram_benefitaHands down the most popular type of hot yoga, Bikram, is a unique set of postures developed by yoga guru, Bikram Choudhury. This form of yoga consists of 90 minute sessions of 26 adapted Hatha yoga exercises, and two breathing exercises, in a heated 105°F. Sound like an exercise ordeal rather than something to look forward to? Bikram is certainly challenging but it has a legion of fans across the globe who can’t get enough of this distinctive, one-of-a-kind yoga and its bounty of mind, body and soul benefits.

The first time you try Bikram it’s fair to say that you might wonder what on earth just happened. You might feel as if you are being hit by a wall of heat and then asked to perform strenuous stretches for longer than most exercise classes. While it might pick you up, shake you down and drop you in a sweaty heap the first time, the power that Bikram unleashes is undeniable and pleasure and pain become one. Here are just a few other benefits you can expect from Bikram:

  • Overall body workout The 26 postures aren’t picked at random. Bikram is a carefully selected system which aims to work every muscle group in a systematic way, to improve the functions of each part of the body.
  • Exhilarating exercise keeps you going – The natural high that you get from Bikram is incredible. The heat, challenge and connectedness of the classes is uplifting, with all the exhilaration of an adrenalin ride. You’ll feel as if you are soaring after the class and for days afterward. Bikram makes you feel alive!
  • Synergy and body-mind awareness – The stretching, balancing and pressure put on each part of the body relates each function and skill with another part of the body. Bikram’s poses bring awareness to this connected synergy, as well as the importance of the mind and body. Bikram inspires an alertness and conscious awareness of your body.
  • Weight loss – Greater flexibility leads to deeper stretches and this means that fat burns off more effectively. You might feel lighter after sweating after a class, but the style of exercises can help keep you trim too.
  • Transformation – The heat allows the body to be more malleable and able to be moulded into a different physique, the postures help bring the right fuel to your whole physical being.
  • Detoxification – The heat helps pump out the sweat and with that come the toxins. The circulatory and respiratory systems are given a boost to expel toxins and help move nutrients to cells.
  • Mental clarity and de-stressing – Bikram is a systematic routine which is not only physically demanding, and exhaustively exhilarating, but also about focus. The level of thought and presence you need to be able to get the most of of a class means you are in the present moment and not pondering anxieties and feeling confused about the mind’s self-created conflicts.

There is nothing half-hearted about Bikram and it is the full-on cardio workout that it delivers that has so many people hooked. Is it time you sweated it out to get fit, get in touch with your body, and stay that way?

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