Top 10 gym etiquette rules part 1!

2013Apr30_GymWorkouts_AIf you’re new to the gym then this fitness-friendly environment can feel like a whole different world. However, getting to grips with what the rules are is really about using your common sense and consideration. While newbies might commit a fitness facility faux pas It is often the long-standing regulars who don’t always seemed educated in gym etiquette, perhaps because they feel so at home they don’t take the needs of others into consideration.

The gym is a community and as with any group, the right dynamics have to be in place if everyone is going to benefit. To get the most out of your gym workouts, make sure you follow the Top 10 etiquette rules!

  1. What not to wear! – Yes, you get hot and sweaty in the gym! Yes, it’s important that you cool off and allow your skin to breathe! No, it’s not okay to dress the overly-revealing costume of a pole-dancer. Fitted sportswear might show off the curves and contours of your physique but falling out of your outfit is another matter. And It isn’t just women who often offer an eyeful in the gym either!
  2. I can hear you and so can everyone else! – The gym’s a great place to meet like-minded people, connect and socialize but beware of being too vocal. Not everybody wants to listen to loud chit-chat across the gym or the minutiae of your life via a half-heard cellphone conversation. Not only can it be irritating, being forced to listen to what someone else wants to say but it can really throw off your focus too. Don’t be afraid to interact with your friends, but discretion and low voices speak volumes in the gym.
  3. It’s the taking part! – Everyone loves a winner. However, while you might be involved in your own inner-competition and achieving your own personal best, don’t start strutting your stuff and competing with others. The gym is not about showing off who is the top dog, or trying desperately to catch-up or compete with others. Not only is this foolish and can create an uninviting atmosphere but this attitude can be dangerous where equipment is concerned.
  4. Gym hog! – As you challenge your endurance and stamina in a good cardio burn it’s understandable that you need more than a few minutes on certain machines such as the treadmill. However, you need to be aware of how busy the gym is, who is waiting and what is generally considered a maximum reasonable time. If you don’t know then ask!
  5. Under pressure! – After a few sessions you get used to a certain routine and circuit and all would be well if other people didn’t get in the way. Everyone has to take turns and a well-run gym will have a good flow that comes from communication and an ability to slot in with other people. Don’t wait impatiently for someone to finish and make them feel uneasy, instead be prepared to compromise and be flexible and accept that during busy times you might have to wait or adapt your routine.

The best way to tackle the gym environment is to have a good quality introduction to what the rules and regulations are, and also what each piece of equipment should be used for. What other rules of etiquette do you think are important in the gym? Look out for part 2!

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