10 Benefits of Boot Camp continued!

2013June25_BootCamp_BDoes the idea of Boot Camp leave you quaking in your boots…or should that be training shoes? Nobody relishes the idea of struggling to keep up while being shouted at by an overbearing instructor. This is not a fitness fantasy but a terrible training nightmare. Boot Camp training has an image that doesn’t always reflect the truth. The reality is that taking part in a Boot Camp can be life transforming and one of the best ways to get fit.

In our first article on Boot Camp benefits, we listed six motivating reasons to take a closer look at what this type of training can do for you. These included: Concentrated focus by honing in on your goals; creating healthy expectations by adding a sense of accountability and responsibility; motivating you to examine your lifestyle by inspiring you to respond to the link between exercise, diet, and nutrition; a dynamic workout with an intense training session; meeting like-minded individuals and benefiting from a sense of camaraderie; and faster results through effective and efficient training based on your fitness needs.

To give you 10 good reasons to sign up for a Boot Camp, here are four more motivations:

Just the right challenge

Have you ever been in a fitness class where you are not really pushed to perform? Or perhaps the exercises you’ve been doing are not really challenging you. There are so many people who think that turning up to a fitness session and going through the motions is enough, but it isn’t. A challenge that you can really get stuck into that is going to put you through your paces in a comfortable but testing way is ideal if you want to keep motivated and also see results. So much of fitness is about moving in the correct way and putting the right amount of effort into what you are doing too. Boot Camp is aimed at people who don’t want to take the easiest route, but those who want an effective workout instead.

Sense of progress

Often people drop out of classes or training sessions because they get bored or don’t really feel they are getting anywhere. The combination of losing interest because of a lack of variety in your workout, along with a feeling that there’s no real progress or momentum, is enough to really dampen motivation. While a healthy plan won’t necessarily promise miraculous overnight changes, an effective exercise strategy should reveal tangible progression and results along the way. If you feel that what you are doing fitness-wise doesn’t seem to be heading in any direction, let alone the right one then perhaps you need Boot Camp.

All-round fitness

Have you ever come home from a class or workout session only to feel the burn in certain muscles and nothing in others? Have you gone back again the next time only to feel the same? Certain exercises and classes can really focus in on one physical area and one function, neglecting the rest of your fitness needs. This might be what you’re aiming for, if you want to focus in on a specific style of training or a particular area of your body. However, for most people a more all-encompassing, whole body workout is the best way forward.

Goals in sight

At the same time as you want a sense of progress, with monitoring and feedback, nothing keeps you going than an idea of where you are going. Boot Camp is ideal for working toward a goal and can help you formulate more clearly what your fitness target is, as well as what it should or could be too. If you go to the gym or take part in a class but have no real understanding of what you can achieve or how to get there then you’re not going to suddenly find yourself in the right destination. Boot Camp brings goals in sight and this keeps motivation on the horizon.

Are the potential benefits of Boot Camp tempting? Find out what Boot Camp can offer you and forget what you think you know.

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